HAVE you ever wondered where the most haunted places in Warrington are?

We already know that the town is home to some spooky pubs such as The Tavern Sports Bar and The Marquis of Granby.

However, pubs aren’t the only places said to be haunted in the area.

We have created this interactive map which shows you exactly where spooky sightings and ghostly apparitions have taken place in Warrington and the surrounding areas.

Information sourced from Paranormal Databases.

On the map you will find ghost stories from Walton Hall, which was visited by the Most Haunted paranormal investigation team.

Lords, ladies and even children are said to haunt this building; staff have witnessed objects moving on their own.

Another haunted location on the map is a house on Marsh House Lane.

Back in 1996, the owners were tormented by the ghosts of five children who would run around upstairs and hit the homeowner.

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