WITH Halloween just weeks away, now is the perfect time to dive into Warrington's spooky past.

The town is home to pubs which locals say are haunted.

Some of these pubs can still be visited today, while others have since closed down- but that doesn't mean the spirits have stopped haunting the grounds. 

From the legend behind 'the crawling man' to the thirsty spectre who just wants to have a pint, here are some ghost stories from the most haunted pubs Warrington.

The Tavern Sports Bar, Church Street, Warrington

(Credit: Google Maps)

Spooky things are said to have taken place at The Tavern in recent years.

CCTV even picked up the moment that a punter’s pint glass flew off the sideboard for no obvious reason.

Warrington Guardian: The moment a punter's glass fell off the side for no reason (Credit: The Tavern)The moment a punter's glass fell off the side for no reason (Credit: The Tavern)

What’s even stranger is that the pub-goer, John O’Dea, was discussing supernatural happenings in the region when the incident occurred.

In 2018, landlord Matt Wilkinson, said: “When you take the glasses out of the washer you can put them out on to the shelf, well away from the edge, but when you turn your back they fall off.

“Whenever we finish a shift at the end of the night we turn all the lights off and walk out past the toilets, and it always looks like there’s a shadow in the corner as if there’s someone stood on the toilet.”

Marquis of Granby, Church Street, Warrington

Apparently, ghosts love a trip to the Marquis of Granby as much as any living local.

The spirit of a man has been spotted in the pub on several occasions, sipping pints of beer.

Earlier this year, TV crews even planned to film a documentary in the pub to try and catch a spectre on film.

Producer, Andy Halton, told the Warrington Guardian: “We’re going to set up CCTV in the snug area, because we do know from reports in the past two years that a gentleman has been seen sitting there having a pint.

“Apparently he comes out of an area which is not open to the public, sits down with his beer and then disappears.

“We’re going to see if we can get him on film.”

That’s not the only ghostly occurrence to have happened in the pub- regulars have reported that glasses fly off the bar for no apparent reason.

The Raven Inn, Glazebury

Warrington Guardian: The Raven Inn (Photo: Google Maps)The Raven Inn (Photo: Google Maps)

The Raven Inn is now closed- but a lot of paranormal experience were said to have taken place here before its doors closed.

Back in 1999, Warrington psychic Kevin McGrath exorcised the pub after a series of unexplained happenings; objects would often move and cutlery would crash to the floor in the middle of the night.

The psychic believed that there were two spirits in the pub- a man and a woman from the Georgian era.

He insisted that there was nothing evil lurking there- but the female ghost didn’t take too kindly to people taking over her job.

The Black Horse, Liverpool Road

(Credit: Google Maps)

This is one of Warrington’s oldest public houses home to the legend of ‘The Crawling Man’.

It was once a stabling yard run by a blacksmith called Giles Boston- he met his grizzly end when he was shot in the chest by the leader of the Cavaliers after they tried to take his horses.

He crawled to the road for help but died before anyone could notice him.

For over 200 years, witness claim to have seen a ghost holding a hand to his chest outside the pub.

In 1860, it was said that a man woke up to loud knocking- he opened the door to a man in great pain but he vanished into thin air before anything could be done.

Dreamwater Lounge, Stockton Heath

Warrington Guardian: Dreamwater Lounge (Credit: Google Maps)Dreamwater Lounge (Credit: Google Maps)

This is another Warrington venue that has since closed down- but not before it made national headlines for its paranormal CCTV footage.

The footage appears to show the figure of a person walking down a hallway and lights flickering on and off.

Warrington Guardian: Can you see a spectral figure walking down the corridor? (Photo: Dreamwater Lounge CCTV snapshot)Can you see a spectral figure walking down the corridor? (Photo: Dreamwater Lounge CCTV snapshot)

Other strange things happened at Dreamwater Lounge, such as water splashing on the camera and banging coming from the pipes.

Also, taps in the male toilets were known to move by themselves.

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