WARRINGTON psychic Kevin McGrath has cleared five ghosts out of a house in Warrington.

Mrs Joan Davies, of Marsh House Lane, was reduced to a nervous wreck after the ghosts of two young girls, a teenage boy and girl and another small girl, made her life a misery.

The ghosts ran around upstairs, thumped her in the back and frightened her by breathing on her face.

When she contacted Kevin, he visited the house.

"The whole place was tingling" said Kevin. "I spoke to my guide, a Franciscan monk called Brother Paul.

"I saw two young girls about nine or 10 laughing at me. They were on the staircase. There was no malevolence in them. They were dressed in Victorian clothes.

"They said they were from Cockhedge and used to play near Mrs Davies's house. They died from a virus to do with the head. It could have been meningitis. I said some Christian prayers and they went into a shaft of light."

Kevin later returned to the house because he knew the girls were not the only ghosts there. On his second visit, he found the teenage girl and boy and a small girl. He said they were both connected with a 300 years-old farmhouse nearby. Kevin said more prayers and learned from his guide that the ghosts would be "reunited with their loved ones" on the other side.

"The little girl was quite unco-operative and delighted in causing Mrs Davies distress" said Kevin.

However, he added that because none of the ghosts were malevolent, he had not performed an exorcism, but a "soul rescue", which involved showing the ghosts which way to go.

"But the little girl was quite naughty," said Kevin, "and it was nearly an exorcism.

"The prayers for her were rather more forceful than for the others."

Kevin said that when he made a final check on the house, the atmosphere was different. It was peaceful, but he thought that Mrs Davies may still see other ghosts.

"She is clairvoyant. I have explained this to her and it has made her less frightened." said Kevin.

Mrs Joan Davies has lived in Marsh House Lane for 40 years, but only started to see ghosts between Christmas and the beginning of this month.

"They made my life a misery," she said.

"I felt depressed about it. I am not quite over it yet and am still looking over my shoulder."

Mrs Davies said that although Kevin had got rid of four ghosts, she had actually seen five.

The first was a young man in a cloak and hood who she saw twice. The first time he was standing in her bedroom, then he disappeared through a wardrobe. The second time, she spoke to him.

"I had a cold and asked him to close the door. He just smiled, then disappeared," she said.

"A week after, a little girl came. I was asleep and she woke me up. They always wake you up. She was standing close to my head. I pulled the sheet over my head and turned over and she gave me a thump in the back. I thought it was a naughty thing. I thought what a cheek!"

This went over a three week period, by which time Mrs Davies had had enough and moved into her front bedroom. But more ghosts appeared.

Two young girls of nine or ten were banging on the bedroom door, opening and shutting it.

"Finally, there was a young woman, of about 18 who was blowing on my face," said Mrs Davies.

All the ghosts were in period costume.

A neighbour suggested that Mrs Davies contacted Kevin McGrath. After his visits, she said the house was quiet but she still didn't feel comfortable. She has also contacted the Parish Church and had the house blessed.

Following an article about Kevin's psychic skills in the GUARDIAN, Kevin was contacted by a family in Widnes where he carried out an exorcism which turned out to be one of the strongest forces he has ever dealt with.

Lorraine Carr endured years of torment from a spirit which moved objects, turned the TV on and off and pushed her head into the pillow.

Kevin, who is well known nationally as a psychic healer, also performed "distance healing" on someone before they even tried to contact him.

He said his spirit guides had told him the person, another healer in Hampshire, needed help. Kevin said his guides removed an ulcer from the person's stomach. The healer contacted Kevin later and told him of the strange sensations which made him better - even before he had posted a letter to Kevin asking for help.

Both these stories brought Kevin national publicity.

Kevin has recently completed his autobiography and is hoping to find a publisher.

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