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Sad to lose photo

Warrington Guardian:

10:44am Thursday 30th October 2014

MY mum has lost a treasured photo of her mum, my grandma, which she kept in her purse.

Searching for Susan

Warrington Guardian:

10:43am Thursday 30th October 2014

I’VE been searching your area for an old friend — the last location I have for her is Aspinal Close, Cinnamon Brow, Warrington.

Well done Warrington Town

Warrington Guardian:

10:43am Thursday 30th October 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to Warrington Town on reaching the first round of the FA Cup.

Picture of the week: Autumn leaves

Warrington Guardian:

10:41am Thursday 30th October 2014

AUTUMN is definitely in the air.

Youth zones more than just buildings

Warrington Guardian: Mr Smiths is set to be demolished

8:03am Thursday 30th October 2014

RE Dr Michael Murphy, Guardian letter, October 23.

Scary ride too much for my child

Warrington Guardian: Spooky World’s Angelica Glazer and David Fryer dropped into the Academy

8:02am Thursday 30th October 2014

HAVING tried to get a response from Apple Jacks farm in Warrington I thought I would contact the Warrington Guardian to warn other parents.

Thank you for help

Warrington Guardian:

8:01am Thursday 30th October 2014

A SPECIAL thank you to the four women who stopped and helped my son when he had a bike accident on October 2 near Decathlon.

Pleased for Mr Smith's

Warrington Guardian: Mr Smith's Rick Astley

8:00am Thursday 30th October 2014

I HAVE worked with the youth of Warrington for many years.

Hospital parking charge 'beggars belief'

Warrington Guardian: Bus times to change at Warrington Hospital

7:54am Thursday 30th October 2014

IT beggars belief that Warrington Hospital are to charge for disabled parking, as reported in the Warrington Guardian.

The UK's little man syndrome

Warrington Guardian: The Union flag

7:53am Thursday 30th October 2014

IN my opinion most of the UK’s problems are caused by ‘little man’ syndrome.

Disgusting that I have to pay to park at hospital

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Hospital

9:15am Thursday 23rd October 2014

REGARDING the articles about paying for parking at Warrington Hospital.

Overhaul of traffic needed in town to solve Bridge Foot woes

Warrington Guardian: Bridge Foot leak in hand say United Utilities

9:09am Thursday 23rd October 2014

I REFER to the recent interest from the local MPs David Mowat and candidate Nick Bent regarding the everlasting traffic congestion that this town has suffered for the past 40 years or more.

Your Pics: Butterfly arrives

Warrington Guardian:

9:08am Thursday 23rd October 2014

NATURE at its flyest.

Why wait for Sankey Way work

Warrington Guardian: New traffic lights will be part of the scheme

9:05am Thursday 23rd October 2014

REFERENCE roadworks on Sankey Way, A57, Warrington.

Socialists thrive

Warrington Guardian:

9:04am Thursday 23rd October 2014

IN answer to A Edwards’ woeful attempt at looking to other contributors to the Guardian comments pages to bolster weak arguments in support of a weak Government, it should be noted that:

Worries over Sankey Station

Warrington Guardian: Sankey Station - councillors say park and ride have not been thought through

9:03am Thursday 23rd October 2014

WELL done Nick Bent, the Labour politician, for speaking out and highlighting the problem for the future of Sankey Station.

Appalled at hospital parking

Warrington Guardian: Bus times to change at Warrington Hospital

9:01am Thursday 23rd October 2014

AFTER reading page 2 in the Guardian on October 9, I was appalled to see that disabled people are going to be charged to park their vehicles.

Back our kids at Smith's

Warrington Guardian: Mr Smiths is set to be demolished

9:00am Thursday 23rd October 2014

ALL of us will welcome the possibility of creating a first-class youth centre, even in an unattractive building like Mr Smith’s.

Sankey sculpture

Warrington Guardian: The sculpture as captured by Miranda Coe

2:29pm Thursday 16th October 2014

SOMETHING is not quite right with this bird.

Field of gold

Warrington Guardian: Field of gold

2:12pm Thursday 16th October 2014

THE fields of gold shining bright in Winwick.

Reader pic: Is it a bird?

Warrington Guardian:

3:49pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

SOMETHING is not quite right with this bird.

UKIP muddle

Warrington Guardian: James Ashington, head of UKIP in Warrington

3:48pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

I ASSUME that James Ashington of UKIP includes his own party’s leadership in his description of 'political elite’s panic-driven journey to Scotland'.

Theatre for the Ritz

Warrington Guardian: Mr Smith's Rick Astley

3:47pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

WITH regard to the announcement of a youth club at the Ritz.

Transport initiatives

Warrington Guardian: Nick Bent speaking at the conference

3:46pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

I WOULD like to set out the actions I’m taking on local concerns about transport issues.

Reader pic: Fields of gold in Winwick

Warrington Guardian:

3:13pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

THE fields of gold shining bright in Winwick.

Village store to close

Warrington Guardian: Royal Mail Sunday opening trial starts

3:11pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

IT is with much regret and sadness that after serving the community for 23 years, Mere post office and village store will be closing.

Reduce trust staff by half

Warrington Guardian: Golden Gates Housing Trust headquarters

3:11pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

REGARDING your recent report on the merger of Golden Gates Housing Trust and Helena Housing, it seems to me to be well overstaffed, having more than a thousand workers.

Slow growth? I think not

Warrington Guardian: Nick Bent speaking at the conference

3:10pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

IN response to Nick Bent in Opinion, Guardian, August 14, stating that ‘the PM left no goodies for Warrington’.

Wild about flower display

Warrington Guardian:

3:09pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

I WOULD like to congratulate Warrington Borough Council for the excellent wild flower displays along Winwick Road.

Unfair system for MP votes

Warrington Guardian: David Mowat MP speaking in Parliament

3:08pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

IN response to David Mowat’s, Conservative MP for Warrington South, piece ‘UK Has Changed For Ever, However We Vote’ – Guardian, September 18.

Religion is not to blame

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian banner

2:47pm Thursday 9th October 2014

WITH the recent beheading of Stephen Sotloff I’m writing to remind people that these terrorists are only using religion as a cloak to mask their own evil ends.

Solar solution

Warrington Guardian:

2:44pm Thursday 9th October 2014

NOT only does UKIP promote the politics of hate it seems to hate the environment too.

Stop the myths

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian banner

2:42pm Thursday 9th October 2014

THE political elite’s panic-driven journey to Scotland could have been avoided by taking earlier proactive action. Its energies could have been spent better being honest.

Online scam

Warrington Guardian:

2:38pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I USE my bank’s online banking facility regularly and it has recently revamped its website. During the logging off procedure this week a message came up inviting me to take part in a short survey asking about my satisfaction with the new site and saying I would receive a free gift for taking part.

Not so unique?

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian banner

2:33pm Thursday 9th October 2014

YOU will know that Elizabeth Gaskill’s house at 84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester has recently been restored, and is being opened to the public on Sunday.

Ideas needed

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian banner

2:27pm Thursday 9th October 2014

ONCE again Nick Bent has to have a go at the Tory MP (David Mowat) as being hopeless on the transport situation in Warrington.

Parking woes

Warrington Guardian:

2:24pm Thursday 9th October 2014

WITH regards to the letter from Sarah McVeigh regarding parking tickets issued at the Riverside Retail Park, the examples given are correct and show the one-sided interpretation of the parking agreement on private land.

That’s not fair

Warrington Guardian: UKIP logo  (8023933)

2:20pm Thursday 9th October 2014

JAMES Ashington of UKIP, Warrington Guardian, October 2, trumpets a policy of ‘banning foreigners getting free treatment on the NHS’.

A fine mess

Warrington Guardian: ‘Potential accident spot’: Cars parked on both sides of Grove Road in Ilkley, where residents are calling for restrictions

2:18pm Thursday 9th October 2014

WHILE I have every sympathy with the resident of East Avenue complaining about parking in the road, I have recently experienced the motorists’ side of things.

Sankey Valley flora

Warrington Guardian: (11074673)

12:36pm Thursday 9th October 2014

AUTUMN is coming and don't the plants know it?

Time for a dip

Warrington Guardian: (11073723)

12:13pm Thursday 9th October 2014

TAKE a walk on the wild side.

New policies

Warrington Guardian: UKIP logo  (8023933)

3:06pm Friday 3rd October 2014

OUR national conference in Doncaster last we ek put forward these new policies:

No bl ame on the PM

Warrington Guardian: Prime Minister David Cameron

3:03pm Friday 3rd October 2014

IN response to Nick Bent (Labour Par liamentary candidate , Wa rr ington South), Opinion, Guardian, Au gust 14, ‘PM visited empty-handed’.

Flower power

Warrington Guardian: Sweet peas standing tall

1:20pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

REACHING for the sky.

Duck's dinner

Warrington Guardian: (10760505)

11:29am Thursday 2nd October 2014

GRUB'S up for this duck.

Kindness show

Warrington Guardian:

1:53pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

AS I went to put out my bins early this week, I noticed that my shed door was ajar, hanging on by the padlock, all the hinges had been removed.

Bus pram row

Warrington Guardian:

12:20pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

I WOULD just like to share with you, the top quality service received from the Network Warrington buses.

Stop criticism

Warrington Guardian:

12:14pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

I’M incensed at the implied criticism of Warrington A&E department.

Caring thanks

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Hospital

12:10pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

I WOULD like to thank all of the staff on ward A7 of Warrington Hospital.

Unsafe for dog

Warrington Guardian:

12:08pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

I TOOK my bichon frise for a walk on Orford Park because there are signs clearly stating that all dogs must be on a lead and there is a designated fenced area for owners who want to let their dog off lead.

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