SUPER League's return has certainly got everybody talking.

Fans have been having their say on our website and social media channels as they reflect on the round one loss at Wigan and look ahead to tonight's first home game of the season against reigning champions St Helens.

Here's a selection of topics and opinions:

Expectations for the game against St Helens after events of Super League Round One, with Wire losing 16-10 at Wigan and the champions defeating fellow2019 Grand Finalists Salford at home 48-8:

Stephanie Lee: Same passion as we played against Wigan x If Hill wasn’t sent off we would have wiped the floor with them !!

Martyn Toft: Hopefully we can keep 13 men on the field and they’ll have one eye on their world club clash

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Al Worrall: With our performance against Wigan with 12(And at one point 11)men there's every chance we can get the win.

Alan Heaton: Play with the same passion and determination and hopefully we can come away with the 2 points

John Knox: Same passion and skill and less ill discipline.. if we play with less than 13 it's going to very long night.


Stuart Wilson: After the great display on Thursday with only 12 men keeping 13 on the field is a must if we play like we did on thursday will be a close game wire to win by 4

Shazza Langhorne: Not sure who'll replace Chilly but someone will need to step up to play 50-60 mins.

Claire Gibbon: We can win

Improvements in the Wire performance against Wigan compared to last year:

Dee Williams: Looked dangerous and nippy for the whole match. Better team I think

John Knox: Fitness and attack. Discipline is still bad

Neil Bouch: Looked fitter and a lot better in defence

Peter Foy: Carry on throwing the ball about

James Dudley: Lots of positives but discipline is still a big issue from last year

Chris Mawdsley: Attacking has come good also players backing player with ball

Carl Fletcher: Fitness level up on last season

Thoughts on Matty Ashton's debut for The Wire:

Chris Rudd: He's everywhere and it's great to have some real pace in the backs. But he's not the finished article yet. Take it nice and steady, don't crush him with the weight of too much ecpectation

Dan Smith: It will be great when we have a full team and our so called club captain doesn’t have a head explosion..

Susan Feltner: Brilliant debut with loads of potential for our team

Jacqueline Bailey: Amazing young talent

Wire co-captain Chris Hill's high tackle, and subsequent red card, on Wigan hooker Sam Powell as he attempted to touch down, as well as thoughts on the overall Wire performance:

Megamike56: Looking forward to this season. Hill was unfortunate it was not done intentionally you can clearly see he was going round the chest and Momentum of Powell head and body going down for the try ment he dropped into the incoming arm of hill. The real positive was Matty Ashton he looks like he's going to be a great signing. It was great to see fast attacking rugby instead of down the middle all the time...bring on the St's

Bakubrit: As a captain, Hill has to lead by example. His penalty count last year was disgraceful. He cost us the game at Wigan.

Perthwire: Hill always gives 100% it was just unfortunat what happened. It was never a sending off in my book ! I Thought he was having a blinder like the rest of the team. Come on let's get behind the bloke and cheer him, and all the lads on.

James Dudley: Discipline is what let us down again, no lessons learned from last season

Sano: Making a judgment on us based on one performance I would say that as long as our discipline gets sorted (and it wasnt sorted out ALL last year) we are going to be fine and extremely hard to beat by one and all. We were fantastic but its hard to beat a top team with your hands tied behind your backs.

Cheap Mower: I saw enough to say without going down to 12 (then 11) we would have won the match. I'm a bit worried about Ashton though, he looks great but he'll be out of the team when Widdop is fit. Maybe play him ahead of Lineham?

Andy Sinclair: Didn't look like scoring all night kicking poor Could see us winning with a full 13 but we didn't. Terrible read in defence for French's try

Mike Davies: Lots to take away from that and build on. Good fitness levels and character. New blood settling in nicely. Lots to look forward too.

wire66: Better team on the night, showed true spirit and we looked sharp and fit. Well done to the coaching staff as the conditioning showed and a big pat on the back for Ashton. Hills timing was a little off but he got what he deserved. Anyway guys if we turn up with that intensity and enthusiasm for every game then we will have a lot to smile about.

John Coates: It was a red, but just a tackle that went wrong because the player being tackled was going down.

Sads1959: This single game was a micro season in my view, close to winning but poor discipline once again let us down. If we don't address this age old problem it will NEVER be our year.

Al Worrall: Genuinely don't feel like we lost. Plenty more positives to take from that than negatives. Great energy, determination and spirit. Wigan struggled to contain us even with the extra numbers. Look forward to seeing more of this. Matty Ashton MOTM for me. #COTW #Wire2020

Cathy Taylor: I feel quite excited about the season ahead. We looked fit and the young kids were tenacious

Adam Birchall: Have to say really proud of that performance considering the sending off and the sin bin.

merrieflagwaver: What a great team performance from Warrington. There were plenty of positives to take out of this game; certainly the best performance since Wembley. With one or two calls going Warrington's way the result could have been different. They were certainly the better team and worked as one too. Ashton has great potential....I'm waiting for him to get half a break. I'm sure that the team must have some last minute, game-changing plays, from set scrums, which utilise Ashton's speed....sometimes just short kicks through the line are all that are needed. Proud to be a Wire tonight.....forget the result!

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woojoh: All these comments about how good Wire played at Wigan, but to sum everything up, we lost

Inside no9: Had widdop played that game would have been over by half time,Wigan weren't that good

Kenneth Cullen: Some strange decisions in that game but still a good game and good proformens. Could be a good season.