Guardian sports reporter Matt Turner once again asks the questions of Wire head coach Steve Price...

MT: Starting with Harvey Livett and Luis Johnson going out on loan – it seems to make sense as they are both in need of minutes in Super League.

SP: 100 per cent – they’ve been crying out for quality game time and Hull KR represents that opportunity.

Harvey’s been in our 19-man squad for six or seven weeks now without playing. He just needs time on the field, as does Luis Johnson.

I’m really happy for those guys to go out and get this chance.

> Livett leaves Wire on loan

MT: I’m sure you’ll be keeping a close eye on how they do. What do you want to see from them over this next few weeks?

SP: I just want to see them keep growing their game.

Hopefully they can get some quality minutes and are able to stretch their bodies to show what they’re worth under fatigue.

> Tony Smith signs Wire forward Johnson on loan

MT: A few supporters might have been a little surprise by Harvey leaving on loan but is he still a big part of your plans when he comes back?

SP: Yeah he is – every member of our squad is important.

It was one of those things – we’re sat in second place and 80 minutes away from a Challenge Cup Final. We’ve got a lot of players who are fit and playing some good football.

As I said, it’s just an opportunity for him to get more game time.

Warrington Guardian:

Harvey Livett has joined Hull KR on loan. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: You said after Saturday’s game that complacency seemed to be an issue, which must make the defeat even more of an annoyance for you?

SP: It does because I know what sort of team we have here. I expect a big change in our attitude this week.

There’s been a big focus on getting our own back yard in order. I’m expecting a really strong performance against a team that is going to be really desperate.

> Wire name extended squad for Wakefield clash

MT: The penalty count was high again. What can you do in order to bring it under control.

SP: It’s personal responsibility to nullify the penalties we’re giving away – it’s easily fixed.

All of this we have discussed and I expect a change.

Warrington Guardian:

The Wire were beaten 16-14 by struggling Hull KR on Saturday. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: Have you got to work to stop minds wandering towards the Saints game next week and keep them on Wakefield?

SP: No because we’re hurting from Saturday.

We’ve got a group of men who take a lot of personal pride in their performance. A lot of them weren’t up to scratch on Saturday.

They’ve been told and we as a club expect a big change.

> Wire to make at least two changes for Wakefield clash

MT: I heard Chris Chester say after their game on Sunday he thinks his side are in a relegation battle. Did that surprise you?

SP: I don’t read too much into comments from the opposition, to be honest.

What I do know is that they have a strong forward pack and a lively hooker in Kyle Wood who can cause havoc around the ruck.

Jacob Miller and Danny Brough are two quality halves and Ryan Hampshire is a livewire full-back who assists a lot of tries.

MT: They are struggling a bit with injuries but as you just alluded to, their creative spine is still very strong.

SP: Every club has injuries. It is what it is.

They still have a quality spine and a strong forward pack.

Warrington Guardian:

The Wire held on to beat Wakefield 34-32 in their last meeting in March. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: A lot of fans are asking about Sita – is he one you’re trying to get a new contract sorted for?

SP: I don’t like to speculate about players’ contracts, but the big fella is doing really well.

I’m pleased with what he’s doing at the moment. I’d like to see him play a few more minutes, but I’m happy with what he’s been producing.