IT’S been nearly six months since Boris Johnson announced a UK wide lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

A lot has changed since then, with coronavirus-related incidents dominating the UK headlines.

While it has been a frightening and uncertain time for many, others have been making the most of lockdown and trying to do something positive for the community.

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest lockdown moments in Cheshire- how many do you remember?

Families were reunited

For many, the hardest part about coronavirus lockdown was being separated from family members.

This is something Warrington couple, Frank and Ivy Thompson know all too well.

The 75-year-olds were separated for four months but were able to reunite for their 50 year wedding anniversary.

Frank spoke to the Warrington Guardian and said the secret to a long and happy marriage is “caring [for] and loving one another.”

Warrington Guardian: Christopher Williams with NHS staffChristopher Williams with NHS staff

That isn’t the only heart-warming reunion story to come out of Warrington.

Christopher Willams, 54, had an emotional reunion with his family after he became critically ill with Covid-19.

We ran out of toilet paper

When coronavirus cases began to surge and greater lockdown restrictions were imposed in March, Brits started to stockpile supplies.

Pasta and toilet roll were some of the most sought after items and shelves in supermarkets across the country were often stripped of these items as people stockpiled.


However, one Warrington Café tried to tackle the issues by giving free burgers to people who handed in rolls of toilet paper.

Café at the End of the Universe promised no judgement or questions asked to those who handed over the toilet rolls.

We caught up with Andrew Kinsella, owner of the Café.

He said:"The toilet roll amnesty was a success as it got lots of people talking and got some good publicity for the food banks.

"We got about 50 toilet rolls and some other items to donate.

"However, we didnt give away a single burger; everyone who donated was just happy to do so."

The local community raised money

Who can forget when war veteran, 99-year-old Tom Moore raised over £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps around his garden?

He wasn’t the only Brit with good intentions- many people across the UK decided to follow in his footsteps and begin their own fundraiser.

One person who decided to give some money for the NHS was six-year-old William Smith.

The young Latchford lad used his time in lockdown to clear out some toys he no longer wanted.

He set up a stall outside his home giving away the toys for free but some people gave him some money- but William didn’t want to spend it on himself.

Mum, Claire, told the Warrington Guardian: “ Beaming from ear to ear and proud as he could be, Will said: ‘Mummy, I don’t like sweets, so I think I will give these pennies to the NHS, just like Captain Tom did.’"

Claire set up a Just Giving page for Will and raised £500 for the NHS.  

Clap for the NHS


Did you clap for carers at 8pm on Thursdays?

This heart-warming event took place in March and people across the UK clapped on their doorsteps and gardens as a symbol of their support to care staff and NHS frontline workers.

Hospital staff and Warrington residents even gathered outside Warrington hospital to show their support. A video on social media showed the police force gathered outside the hospital, applauding.

One person commented: “Thank you all for the amazing work you are doing now and always”.

Another wrote: “Well done Warrington police and Cheshire police”

McDonald’s re-opened

Warrington Guardian: Many McDonald's restaurants opened in June(Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire)Many McDonald's restaurants opened in June(Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire)

During lockdown, people of the UK went for months without one of their favourite fast food treats.

A McDonald’s branch at the M6 service station in Lymm had a queue of more than 80 vehicles when it reopened in June.

A Cheshire Police spokesman warned people to avoid the area, adding: “There are currently over 80 vehicles queuing and up to two hour waiting times for the reopening today of McDonald’s at Lymm Services.

“Cars are being turned away if waiting times are too long”.

Pubs reopened

(Credit: Google Maps)

Many pub-goers were dismayed when the government announced that pubs must close to control the coronavirus spread at the end of March.

However, on the 4th of July pubs could open their doors once again- but there were stricter social distancing measures in place.

One of Warrington’s most popular pubs, The Famous King and Queen, was just one to open its doors back in July.

Owners, Julie Adamson and Trevor Fox and all the necessary precautions in place, including hand sanitising stations and a one-way walking system.