A NEW scheme to keep our streets clean has been trialled in Orford.

The pilot project will see Warrington Borough Council remove abandoned wheelie bins from residential areas – with a total of 52 collected so far.

It follows a number of complaints from residents to the council about households who have failed to return bins to their own properties.

Abandoned bins can attract vermin, and are also often targeted by fly-tippers and arsonists.

Cllr Judith Guthrie, Warrington Borough Council’s executive board member for environment and public protection, said: “The ultimate aim of this trial is to ensure we keep residential areas clean – the vast majority of residents keep their bins on their properties when it’s not collection day, but we know there are certain neighbourhoods that we need to focus on.

“I want to reassure residents that we will be rolling out this project in other areas of Warrington to help tackle the issue of abandoned bins and residual waste.

“We have limited resources, but we’re committed to supporting residents to keep their streets tidy.

“Our aim is not to punish those who might have forgotten to return their bin to their property one week, but to ensure that we remove bins that have genuinely been abandoned and take action against persistent offenders.

“We can all play our part to keep streets tidy and our neighbourhoods looking appealing.

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“You can help officers by labelling bins with your house number and making sure they’re on your property when not being emptied.

“With a count me in attitude, we can ensure that our residential spaces can be enjoyed – and one of the easiest steps for us to take is ensuring that our bins are stored appropriately.”

Warrington Guardian:

An alleyway tidied up under the pilot

Under the scheme, enforcement officers will visit properties and advise residents to keep their bins on their own property if they are not already doing so.

Any bins that remain on the street will then be taped down with a final warning sticker before being removed if no action is taken.