A DAD, a man paying off a drug debt and a teenage dealer are among those serving a total of 10 years for taking drugs into Creamfields music festival.

The Daresbury-based event took place between August 23 and 26 last year, attracting more than 70,000 people each day.

Chester Crown Court sentenced five people last week after they were caught by festival security with drugs, despite warnings, leaflets and multiple drug disposal bins in place.

LEE ARNOLD > The dad

Lee Arnold, 32, from Stockport was found with cocaine and 65 tablets of ecstasy as he attempted to pass through Creamfields security.

Warrington Guardian:

Lee Arnold

The court heard how Arnold had been drinking heavily at the time due to his father's death, but despite his substance abuse, he has always been employed to support his children.

One has a serious heart problem and another has a hole in their heart.

Judge Stephen Everett, while sympathising with Arnold's situation, condemned the use of cocaine and ecstasy and drew attention to warning signs placed at Creamfields stating someone had died in 2016 as a result of drugs.

He said: "Your whole thought process was completely wrong and you decided you were going to make some money or perhaps you were going to use it yourself."

Arnold was sentenced to 28 months in custody.

ARES IGLESIAS > The 'naive' teen

A 19-year-old was also jailed for 28 months after volunteering to security that he had 43 tablets hidden.

Ares Iglesias, from Croydon, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply ecstasy.

The court heard how Iglesias, who was 18 at the time, was naive of the dangers of the drugs but there was evidence of dealing on his mobile phone.

Judge Everett said: "The Creamfields festival is a long-standing festival and this court has to deal with cases every year without fail.

"Your age is an important feature so the sentence is one which is not going to crush your hopes for the future."

JOSHAU STANTON > 'Risk' did not pay off

Joshua Stanton, also 19, from Doncaster, was caught with drugs after buying them with his friends beforehand and offering to be the one who took them through security.

In total, he had 88 tablets and 2.25g of ketamine.

Judge Simon Berkson said: "You were persuaded by your friends or volunteered which was a massive risk which has not paid off.

"You knew, or should have known, that if you took drugs into that festival that you would go to prison.

"You are a perfectly nice young man with a good job and prospects but you have committed a serious crime."

Stanton received a sentence of 28 months.

JOSHUA LEACH > Paying off drug debts

Joshua Leach from Llanelli was attempting to pay off his drug debt by selling cocaine to Creamfields festival-goers.

Warrington Guardian:

Joshua Leach

The 22-year-old drew attention to himself after avoiding being searched and was found with £1,680 of cocaine hidden.

Chester Crown Court heard how messages on Leach's mobile phone suggested a drug debt which he was putting him under pressure.

Judge Berkson, sentencing, said: "The sad feature of this case is that you have never been in trouble before."

Leach was sentenced to three years in custody, to serve half in prison and half on licence.

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DANIEL NAYLOR > Suspended sentence

Daniel Naylor, 31, from Liverpool was charged with possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply.

He was handed an eight-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months, a 200-hour community order and a curfew.

A further six individuals are set to appear in court for drug-related offences committed at Creamfields in the coming months.