FAR right activist Tommy Robinson was covered in milkshake during his visit to Warrington today, Thursday. 

In a video posted on Twitter, the former English Defence League leader, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, can be seen being covered in a McDonald's milkshake.

During a dramatic afternoon, Danyal Mahmud, aged 23, was videoed throwing a milkshake on Mr Robinson.

Blackburn man Mr Mahmud was working in Warrington and says he was approached by the activist on his way home.

A commotion ensued after Mr Mahmud hurled the milkshake and covered Mr Robinson.

Speaking to Asian Image today, Mr Mahmud said: “I was in Warrington for a meeting and afterwards was on my way home. I had to pass this group of people.

“He (Tommy Robinson) just kept coming to me and talking to me. I kept moving location. I was the only Asian guy there.

“I said to him I do not wish to speak to you on or off camera. I just got annoyed with him. A milk shake ‘slipped’ out of my hand. “I had no intention of doing anything or reacting in any way. But he kept talking. I feel a bit shaken up and shocked to be honest.”

He said an officer jumped on top of him in the ensuing melee. He added: “I was taken off back to the train station.”

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: "We are aware of an allegation of assault made following an incident in Bridge Street in Warrington this afternoon.

"We are looking into the circumstances."

Earlier today we reported MP Faisal Rashid says individuals seeking to cause disunity with their messages of ‘hate and division’ are not welcome in Warrington ahead of Tommy Robinson’s visit today, Thursday.

The arrival of the former English Defence League leader sparked concerns from politicians and campaigners.

He will be standing as an independent candidate in the north west in the European Parliament elections later this month.

Warrington Guardian:

Tommy Robinson in the town today

Labour’s Warrington South MP Mr Rashid has raised serious concerns ahead of the visit.

He said: “Today, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) will be in Warrington.

“As the MP for Warrington South, I feel it was important that I put on the record that hatred and racism has absolutely no place in our town.

“Warrington is an inclusive and united town.

Warrington Guardian:

Tommy Robinson in the town today

“I have lived in Warrington for over 20 years and in that time the town has welcomed me and my family.”

Mr Rashid also says he is ‘proud to call Warrington my home’.

He added: “I was proud to have served as the town’s first Muslim Mayor and I am proud to serve as the first Muslim MP for Warrington South.

“I have always worked hard to represent our communities and make them ever stronger and more cohesive where we all have acceptance, peace, love and harmony devoid of prejudice of any kind.

Warrington Guardian:

Tommy Robinson in the town today

“Individuals and political parties that seek to cause disunity and discontent with their messages of hate and division are not welcome in our town.

“I urge all Warrington residents not to engage with those who come to Warrington today to promote a brand of discredited politics that has no place in civilised society.”

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Momentum Warrington has organised an ‘emergency demonstration’ to oppose Mr Robinson.

Warrington Guardian:

Tommy Robinson in the town today

It is being supported by Unite Against Fascism.

Paul Jenkins, north west regional organiser for Unite Against Fascism, said 'everyone needs to use their vote to stop' Mr Robinson at the European elections on May 23.

Kenny Watson, chair of Momentum Warrington, added: "Warrington Momentum fully opposes Tommy Robinson and his attempts to con the people of Warrington with proven lies into supporting his hateful agenda.

"We encourage all who are against fascism, racism and Islamophobia to unite and demonstrate against Tommy today.

Warrington Guardian:

A campaigner protesting against Tommy Robinson

"We will be disrupting his activities in the town centre through the day, and will be joining a counter-demo at the Parr Hall this evening."

Cllr Tony Higgins, executive board member for leisure and community, has also issued a statement.

He said: "There can be no bystanders when it comes to prejudice and I’m determined to fight against such bigotry.

"As I’ve said previously, we must always defend the right of freedom of speech but we must never tolerate those individuals who use it as a disguise to preach hatred and division."

According to reports on social media, he is due to be around Golden Square shopping centre from noon until 6pm, and close to the Pyramid, where BBC One’s Question Time will be filmed today, from 7pm.