WE all know what it's like when the motivation to keep fit and eat well starts to slip away.

But if you're starting to waver over your new healthy lifestyle for 2019, we hope these inspirational before and after weight loss pictures might help you.

We asked readers to get in touch with their weight loss stories and pictures to help give other Warrington residents a much-needed boost.

If you want to get involved, there's still time to send in your story. Just click on the form at the bottom of this page.

We've been adding more of your pictures in the gallery at the top of this page.

Warrington Guardian:

Richard Jones' story

"My weight was 17st 6lb but now I'm 13st 6lb.

"I've lost 4 stone by calorie counting and running. I wanted to be more healthy and to be able to play with my grandchildren.

"I feel a lot better for it too."

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Warrington Guardian:

Jimmy Quinn's story

"I've lost weight through lots of cardio, a very strict diet, no chocolate, no McDonald’s and eight months without alcohol.

"I was fat but I'm never going back!"

Warrington Guardian:

Alana Maguire's story

"I was 16st and dropped to 11st by calorie counting and exercising.

"The first and best thing I did was download an app called My Fitness Pal and a step tracker and started to walk everywhere... walking is so under rated!

"And when I finally had the confidence I got myself to the gym every day until it became a routine.

"Now I am a professional singer as I lost enough weight to be able to fit into some gorgeous stage dresses and have the confidence to get up in front of an audience.

"The benefits of a healthy lifestyle aren't just physical. They're endless. I feel amazing."

Warrington Guardian:

Steph Hampson's story

"I'm 5 stone down and training for the Manchester Marathon in April.

"Never ever thought I could even attempt to run a marathon.

"The pic on the left was a charity 10 mile walk that killed me for days after.. now running that plus extra on a Saturday morning before I go about my day as usual.

"If you want something bad enough you'll do it."

Warrington Guardian:

Kathryn Brophy's story

"Choosing to walk through the door of my Slimming World group didn't just change my life but it saved it too.

"I now run 5 sessions a week - three in Orford Community Hub and two in St James church Hood Manor.

"I get to pay forward the support I endlessly get let alone the food ideas too."

Warrington Guardian:

Jason Martin's story

"The pic on the right was me May 2016 and on the left is me recently after I lost just over 5 stone with the help of Slimming World. 

"If I can inspire others to change their lifestyle by making a few healthy changes then it’s been worthwhile. 

"I still attend the group every Thursday night at the Halliwell Jones."

Warrington Guardian:

Wendy Pitts' story

"I’ve lost 6 stone so far with Slimming World. 

"I've still a bit to go but hoping to be at my target soon. 

"I’ve not always found it easy and relied purely on changing my food as I can’t exercise really being a full time wheelchair user. 

"But it’s coming off and working and I feel so much healthier because of it."

Warrington Guardian:

Sonya Pennycook's story

"I joined Slimming World September 2016 after my auntie suddenly passed away. 

"I lost 8 stone by the next Christmas going from 25 stone 2.5 lb size 32-34 to 17 stone size 18 tops when medical issues along with my depression spiralled out of control. 

"I never stopped trying but within the next year I had put on just 5 stone. 

"I'm happy to say I have turned it back around slowly and this year I'm 10.5 lb lighter.

"I know with Slimming World and determination I will never be my fat struggling to walk 25 stone self again. She's gone for good."

Warrington Guardian:

Nevia Slocombe's story

"I started my journey in July 2016 after taking my nephew to the Orford park fair and was asked to get off the ride as I was too fat for it.

"When I went in work the next day, I got on the scales and was 19st.

"I decided that was that and started to change the way I eat.

"I allow myself 1200 calories a day and started swimming 5 times a week.

"When it got to Christmas 2016 the fair was where Mr Smiths used to be.

"I took my nephew and was over the moon that I could get on the ride that in July I was asked to get off.

"My weight at this point was 14st 12lb and after Christmas I joined Ryfields gym.

"My weight at the moment is 11st.

"I am so happy and have more energy than I have ever had before and my new goal is to run a marathon."