THROUGHOUT this week we have been celebrating Warrington's new arrivals with our 2018 Born in Warrington picture supplement in the newspaper.

But we also wanted to share with you some of the amazing stories behind the town's miracle babies.

Whether it was being born weighing under two pounds or a mum who only had 23 days to get her head around her pregnancy before her baby son arrived, we asked parents to send in their 'Then and now' pictures and share their premature baby stories.

Here's just a selection of Warrington's little fighters:

Betty was born weighing just 650 grams which is 1lb 4oz.

You can see how tiny she was compared to a pen in the picture on the left.

She was born at 23 weeks and cared for at Warrington Hospital before being transferred to Liverpool Women’s for the Level 3 NICU needed for a baby born so early.

Mum Karen Batt added: "After a difficult 13months Betty, our rainbow miracle finally came home.

"We are so grateful to the consultants, doctors, midwives (especially Bernie) and bereavement midwife Debbie Yates who supported us through a difficult pregnancy following the loss of our little boy George in 2016. Thank you, you are amazing!"


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Ollie was born nearly three months early but is now a happy and healthy two year old.

Mum Maria Lawton said: "My waters broke at 27 weeks and I was put to sleep while he was delivered via emergency section as I had sepsis.

"Ollie was in neonatal for two months and they were amazing.

"He is our miracle and a real fighter but look at him now."


Mum Emma King only had 23 days to get her around her pregnancy before her son Lucas James Elwood was born.

She added: "I found out I was pregnant at 29 weeks and had him at 32 weeks."

He was born in November weighing 3lb 4oz but is now 5lb11oz.


Tiny twins Kaitlyn and Emily Jones were born weighing 1lb 5oz and 2lb 7oz at 23 weeks but are now happy three year olds.


Lacey Martin was born at 29 weeks and 6 days weighing 3lb 6oz but went down to 3lbs in 24 hours.

Mark Martin said: "My wife Victoria Martin was admitted two weeks prior to Lacey being born with pains.

"Twelve hours before Lacey was born, Victoria's appendix burst inside her and she had an operation to remove them and then had 24 staples in her side.

"My brave wife gave birth to my little girl (our third child) naturally with just gas and air."

Lacey spent six weeks in hospital but has gone from strength to strength and is now an eight year old 'loving life'.

Mr Martin added: "I can't put into words how nice and helpful all the nurses and doctors were at the neonatal unit at Warrington Hospital."


Lauren Lavin's son Kion had to born within 20 minutes to save her life after she went into labour at 29 weeks in March last year.

She added: "He is my second baby after losing my first born at 24 weeks and surviving for three weeks in Liverpool Women's hospital.

"Kion was born by emergency c section due to suffering from major blood loss.

"He was in Warrington neonatal unit for just less than 6 weeks and is doing great now at 9 months old.

"I can't thank Warrington enough for what they did for me, my family and my little boy."


If you would like to share your story we will be adding more pictures in the gallery above.

Send your pictures and details about your miracle baby using the form here.

Was your baby born prematurely?

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