THIS is a warning to all disabled badge holders using Stockton Heath car park, please ensure you display your badge correctly.

I took an elderly friend for a doctor’s appointment, she had recently had a serious heart operation and was not feeling well.

I was so concerned in getting her to the surgery safely that in a moment of distraction I displayed a folded badge.

We were only parked for 15 minutes but were fined £70 or £35 if we paid within 14 days.

I emailed Warrington Borough Council to explain the circumstances but sadly the fine was upheld.

It seems there is no compassion within the department, maybe the main concern is making money.

Had I been parked in Lymm, Latchford or north Warrington I would have got at the very least an hour free or completely free parking. A great pity a good turn became such an upsetting experience for myself and more importantly for a very sick lady, and a very expensive mistake.

Shame on you Warrington Borough Council.