I REFER to your article regarding the award of funding to Warrington Borough Council to tackle congestion pinch points in the town (Warrington Guardian, April 13).

These were in Birchwood, Lingley Green and Burtonwood to the Omega site.

Has WBC lost the plot and its sight on the real issues of the chronic traffic congestion in Warrington ?

The congestion still exists in the town centre and roads leading into it from north south east and west of the town.

The proposed bridge from Chester Road to Slutchers lane to avoid the congestion at Bridge Foot serves little purpose other than moving the congestion one mile further up the road.

The bypass should have started on the Walton drag which passes through Arpley Meadows and brought out onto Sankey green roundabout.

It is a more effective solution than the proposed one.

Once again WBC has made the wrong priorities in an attempt to solve this town’s traffic congestion.