I WAS amused by Nick Bent’s childish letter, Guardian August 14.

What did he expect the Prime Minister to bring to Warrington? A bag of sweets?

His ramblings about the current state of the UK are pathetic. It was Blair and Brown who helped ruin the country by spending what they didn’t have. Is that the way to go or to build up a sound commercial background for us all?

We are seeing the results of four-and-a-half years of sound Government (sadly at times being screwed up by the Lib Dem brigade of Clegg and co).

More people are in work and a lower tax threshold for many low paid workers sounds good to me. There is no escalating tax on fuel duty as devised by Labour.

They are trying to get some sense back into the NHS after the crazy contracts given to GPs under Labour, which are mainly to blame for A&E waiting times.

Where are Blair and Brown now? Blair is supposed to be Middle East peace envoy. A fine job he is doing of that by just not being in any of the warzones he and Bush created Where is Brown? Still sulking over the border in Scotland and rarely seen in Westminster. No Mr Bent, we do not need another dose of Labour’s syrup of figs in the economy or Parliament thank you.

GEORGE F McKIE Great Sankey