I WOULD like to make Guardian readers aware of the pressure group Halton Against Tolls.

We have pages on social media sites along with an online petition that has reached more than 10,000 signatures.

Our purpose is to oppose the agreed Mersey Gateway Bridge and Silver Jubilee Bridge charges that come into effect in the autumn of 2017.

A small committee has been formed in an effort to coordinate public meetings, events and media input and to try to make our voices heard at Westminster with regard to what we think is an unfair road charging scheme.

For those who don’t know, both bridges in Halton are to be tolled at £2 per one way crossing for a car with a slight reduction for Halton residents but not businesses. HGVs will pay £8 per crossing.

We are opposed to all tolls as the Government should provide an adequate road and bridge infrastructure through use of our income taxes, fuel duty revenue, council tax and vehicle excise licence tax. How much more do they want from us?

These tolls will have enormous implications for our economy and the volume of traffic in Warrington. Many motorists will avoid paying expensive tolls and head for Bridge Foot instead. Many people tell us they will do precisely that.

Please join us and sign the petition. The Government and the authorities are not listening – hopefully we can present a big enough protest to make them!

CHRIS KELLY Chairman Halton Against Tolls