I SERIOUSLY question the value of the new 20mph speed signs on side roads leading to Knutsford Road, Grappenhall and suggest the money would have been better spent improving the roads themselves and the appalling pavements.

The number of parked cars on side roads makes it impossible to reach 20 miles an hour, let alone exceed it. But the risk to pedestrians from the condition of the adjoining pavements is a far greater hazard.

Repeated digging and patching up by utilities and for cable TV mean they are difficult and in some places dangerous to negotiate even for the able bodied.

And when it comes to the less fit, I know a number of people, including an elderly relative, who have been injured as a result of these surfaces.

I have reported it to my councillors and even my MP, but it is now clear the council are more interested in wasting public money on projects such as these signs.

JOHN ROBERTS Grappenhall