I WOULD like to draw readers’ attention to a practice which appears to be happening in Warrington and, probably, all over the country, and which I, in my opinion, can only describe as legal theft.

Having lived in Warrington since we were born my wife and I bought a house in Chester for our retirement, and moved there nearly four years ago.

In January on one of many return trips to our hometown my wife used a ‘private’ car park close to Warrington town centre which advertised all day parking.

Putting the correct amount in the machine and displaying the ticket she received on the dashboard, she went to do some shopping.

Once home she disposed of the ticket, as you would, and thought no more about it.

Two weeks later we received a ‘parking charge notice’ from the car park managers fining us £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days) for illegal parking; not telling us the offence, just listing the possibilities.

My wife is 100 per cent certain she did everything correctly but without the ticket, can prove nothing.

Who keeps used car park tickets anyway? It is the responsibility of the driver to prove their innocence and the car park operators know it. Needless to say, the appeal was rejected.

How many other innocent people has this happened to and how many have paid the £60 just to make it go away?

After much correspondence, we still haven’t been told the exact reason for the fine but it has taught us one lesson – never dispose of your used tickets and, my wife has vowed never to shop in Warrington again! Again, how many others have said the same?