THE Warrington Guardian, January 23, carries news about alternative strategies for managing traffic over the ship canal.

Mr Mowat, MP for Warrington South, discusses the option of another bridge and some of the drawbacks. Your front page shows a solution staring us in the face!

The unused high level railway bridge already exists and was constructed to carry railway locomotives so could easily accommodate lorry traffic. No doubt objections would be made, such as the need to inspect the structure for integrity against modern safety standards and the need to engineer access roads both north and south of the canal.

These objections are not insurmountable and would cost a fraction of those for ramping up the approaches a new bridge, with all the accompanying blight.

The old railway bridge is already in position, it only needs a positive approach to a feasibility study to confirm its viability.

I suggest a start be made on a study of this possibility now.

RAYMOND COX Stockton Heath