MR Thomason makes a very eloquent and quite funny point about Lymm Baptist Church and their horrendous car parking on The Crescent, Guardian, December 6.

Although I am not such a gifted wordsmith I would like add to the discussion and ask the arrogant and irresponsible drivers to consider the problems that their parking creates for blind people.

My sister, who lives near The Crescent, has a visual impairment that means she is almost blind and relies on being able to touch the edge of the pavement with her stick.

Every Sunday she is forced to negotiate an obstacle course of parked cars, some of which are fully on the pavement thus forcing her onto the road.

I would like these drivers, who obviously lack the understanding to be real Christians, to think about how frightening it is for a blind person to be stood in a road with no means of finding a way back to the pavement.

The same car parking stupidity exists on a far larger scale on Brookfield Road in Lymm and my sister encounters the same problem of having to walk on the road when walking to the doctors.

How long will it be before someone is seriously injured or killed trying to walk around these cars?

Is it going to take a fatality to push our civic leaders into doing something about irresponsible car parking or are they too busy counting the money from the ticket machines that have seen fit to locate in the village car parks.

There would seem to be a very obvious answer to the parking problems and I am dumbfounded but not surprised that our civic leaders haven’t implemented it.

Perhaps Mr Thomason could turn his witty insight to the problems of parking throughout the borough because I am sure that a few well written phrases will embarrass our civic leaders into getting off their collective backsides and doing something about it.