WE who live on The Crescent in Lymm are blessed every week by the presence of kindly churchgoers who frequent the Baptist church on Higher Lane.

Residents are treated to a spectacular display of fine automobiles and designer clothes as the Godfearing of our society glide past our humble homes on their way to church.

We do not mind that their cars block our driveways and pavements because they are our betters and we are grateful that their goodness brings a little light into our lives.

We especially appreciate the manner in which our social superiors park on both sides of the narrow road and benevolently leave a two foot gap so that God’s gentle rain can run unhindered along the gutter.

This of course would cause the residents some problems in getting in and out of The Crescent but the Baptists have thought of this and considerately block in our cars so we cannot move them anyway.

A local peasant did have the tenacity to ask one of the nobles if he might move his car and was told that he was late for the service and as an upstanding member of the community he could park his car anywhere he likes.

We who live on The Crescent look forward to this weekly display of opulence and think ourselves lucky that the God fearing members of the Baptist church have specifically chosen us for their well meaning abuse.