AS a former Warrington resident, I recently visited Stockton Heath and was disgusted with the mess on London Road.

It was disgusting, someone the night before had thrown up about three times in the street and it had just been left there. Even at 11am the following morning it was all down the street and people were walking in it spreading it further.

A food establishment with vomit outside really does put people off wanting to go in even if it wasn’t one of their customers.

I called up the council to report the mess, and finally someone called me back asking me what the problem was and where was it. I can’t believe that means it must have been left there from when I reported it on Thursday until Monday. The person on the phone did state that the streets of Stockton Heath are only cleaned on Mondays and Fridays due to staff cuts. It is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting to leave something like that in the streets for that length of time, I dread to think what would happen if someone threw up on a Tuesday – does it then get left until Friday? The Victorians tried the trick of leaving sewage and all sorts in the streets for days and look what happened to them – rat infested streets, and the plague. Does Stockton Heath want to end up the same way?

I know it’s not the council’s fault when someone gets so drunk they throw up down the street, but really it should be cleaned up at least before shoppers arrive in the morning (maybe even put the onus on the restaurants in that area to keep the pavement clean seeing as it’s affecting their business).

Even if the council just has one person to just walk down and check the state of the main streets and decide whether or not they need to do a clean that day, rather than setting it at precisely two days a week.