TONY Smith revealed Wolves achieved a goal today by ‘nilling’ Doncaster.

And he felt his men had to work hard to achieve it against a side performing well at Championship level.

“It was a pretty committed performance. We could easily have dropped off our cause at some stage but we didn’t,” said Wolves’ head of coaching and rugby.

“I think that was evident with the nil scoreline and the times that Doncaster got down on our scoreline.

“It’s been a bit of an issue for us in the past. We put a lot of time and effort into taking care of our try line and we’re trying to improve in that area by not conceding soft tries.

“We didn’t concede any soft tries and that is despite Doncaster putting us under some pressure at times with things like offloading – especially just before half time.

“They had a five or 10-minute period where they had a lot of ball and had us under the pump on our own try line.

“We rose to that today as a bit of a challenge to keep them to a nil scoreline and to achieve that we’re pretty pleased.”

The 68 points scored was Wolves’ best since the club record away Super League win against London Broncos in Gillingham last June.

Chris Bridge led the way with four of the 12 tries as well as 10 goals, while Kevin Penny marked his first appearance at The Halliwell Jones Stadium since 2009 with a spectacular hat-trick.

“Even more pleasing was the attack,” said Smith.

“I thought there was some terrific tries scored, smart tries, electric tries in what was good entertaining rugby league.

“For those in attendance today I think they were highly entertained if they weren’t in Doncaster colours.

And Doncaster made us earn every point. They didn’t gift us anything.”