I DIDN’T bother watching the World Club Challenge clash between Sydney Roosters and Wigan Warriors at the weekend.

For me, it felt like it should have been Warrington Wolves’ day in the sun.

Over the winter and in the build-up to the 2014 campaign, I was fed up of hearing about the double-winning Warriors of last season so why would I have wanted it rammed down my throat again on Saturday morning?

It’s not jealousy. I accept Wigan won the Grand Final last October to be crowned Super League champions, but it doesn’t mean I have to feel they deserved it.

Nobody will ever make me believe otherwise, that if Warrington Wolves had not lost the services of both Joel Monaghan and Stefan Ratchford in that Grand Final showdown then Tony Smith’s men would have been title winners for the first time since 1955.

And Lee Briers, Adrian Morley, Gareth Carvell, Brett Hodgson, Mike Cooper and Tyrone McCarthy would have had the Warrington send off deserving of their efforts and achievement over a number of years.

To have then had our noses rubbed in it by 99 percent of the media telling us how super-duper Wigan were on that night, it made my blood boil. I actually have nightmares seeing that grin on Shaun Wane’s face.

And to have become double winners on the back of what was one of the worst Challenge Cup Finals in memory – the 16-0 defeat of Hull FC at Wembley – was another kick in the teeth.

No, on Saturday morning I watched paint dry, fed grass to some sheep and watered the garden – anything to keep me away from that box in the lounge.

If I had watched, I would have been cheering for the NRL champions and to be honest I didn’t really want to back an Aussie team over a British one – not even one that had been so supportive in helping Wolves with their pre-season preparations.

I was on Central Park pleased to see Wigan defeat Manly in 1987 and I was at Old Trafford happy to watch Widnes beat Canberra in 1989. I’ve always backed the British club but couldn’t bring myself to do it this time. Wigan just didn’t deserve to be there, in my view.