TONY Smith says he has a headache ahead of next weekend’s season opener against Castleford Tigers.

He was speaking after watching his men put on a decent show to defeat Wigan 20-0 in Ben Westwood’s Testimonial game.

He said: “I tell you, I’m on my toes at the moment because I’ve got a lot of very good players all vying for 17 positions and I’ve got a few headaches over the next week or so – really good headaches to have.

“There are some players who put their hand up against Wigan and said ‘pick me’ and I can’t pick them all.”

Wolves’ head of coaching and rugby added that there were no injury concerns from the clash on the snow-cleared but wet Halliwell Jones Stadium surface.

“They’re all good,” he said.

“We took a couple of precautions. Ben Harrison probably could have gone back on – he had a little strain but he’ll be fine.

“Other than that, I don’t think we picked up anything really.”

He explained why Australian Trent Waterhouse was not in the squad for what would have been his only warm-up game to the new season.

“He got a dead leg late in the week in training, just a collision thing and he’ll be fine for next week,” said Smith.

“Fingers crossed, apart from Chris Bridge, we’re fit and healthy with everyone available.

“And Bridgey’s within touching distance as well. He’ll be back in the next few weeks.

“There’s some good competition for places at the moment.”