WARRINGTON Women’s Evening League Player of the Year competition first round, Tuesday, September 19, 6.30pm start, no practice (players with section’s most wins and best average in brackets):

Section A at OWM: Alford’s K Galvin (best average) and P Gammon, Brooklands A’s S Bate and A Night, Eagle’s U Hull (most wins) and M Bibby, Grange A’s D Cargill and B Bishop, Padgate B’s D Chapman and A Hunt, Red Lion’s L Unsworth and C Jones, St Oswalds’ J Wanbon and E Berry, St Oswalds A’s P Swain and P Nicholls, Tetleys B’s T Cunningham and G Milner, Vulcan A’s B Dootson and M Robinson, Woolston B’s J Pritchard and S Gilfedder.

Section B at St Oswalds: Croft’s J Stott and J Bevan, Grange C’s J Whalon and P Houghton, Monks A’s K Johns and B Kemp, Monks B’s B Brierly and G Mewilliams, OWM A’s B Meager and C Yeo, Padgate A’s A Carty and A Hall, Penketh’s M Crosby (most wins, best average) and M Chapman, St Albans A’s L Nunn (most wins) and A Widdocks (most wins), Tetleys A’s C Speak and G Bourne, Vulcan B’s E Hughes and A Kerr, Woolston A’s C Mcloghlan and K Richardson.

Section C At Tetleys No 1: Brooklands B’s L Shave and L Jarvis, Burtonwood’s B Grady (most wins) and S Grundy, Culcheth A’s L Ogden and D Melia, Culcheth B’s W Carr and M Grey, GESM A’s J Allen (best average) and P Pittam, GESM B’s B Toft and L Blundell, Grange B’s J Pears and V Hanson, OWM B’s J Higgin and A Rimmer, Stag’s V Griffiths, St Albans B’s M Sixsmith and M Smith.

Semi finalists from each section to return to Rylands the following night, Wednesday, September 20.

* WARRINGTON Women’s Evening Bowls League results:

Section A: Grange A 171 St Oswalds 183, Red Lion 176 Padgate B 177, Eagle 187 Tetleys B 183, St Oswalds A 175 Vulcan A 167, Alford 201 Woolston B 149, Padgate B 186 Eagle 157.

Section B: Woolston A 163 Monks A 170, Tetleys A 166 Penketh 173, Padgate A 160 Grange C 171, St Albans A 186 OWM A 150, Monks B 194 Croft 152, Grange C 141 St Albans A 208.

Section C: Culcheth A 194 Stag 178, OWM B 124 St Albans B 197, Grange B 164 GESM A 184, Brooklands B 146 Culcheth B 145, St Albans B 153 Grange B 166.


Section A: St Oswalds 45, Grange A 39, Alford 38, Padgate B 32, Red Lion 27, Tetleys B 22, Eagle 21, Woolston B 17, Brooklands A 14, St Oswalds A 9, Vulcan A 2 Section B: Monks A 40, St Albans A 38, Vulcan B 33, Woolston A 26, Padgate A 25, Penketh 25, Monks B 21, Grange C 17, Tetleys A 16, OWM A 12, Croft 8.

Section C: Burtonwood 34, Culcheth A 28, GESM B 25, Brooklands B 24, Stag 22, St Albans B 18, GESM A 17, OWM B 15, Culcheth B 14, Grange B 12.