WINWICK Athletic progressed in the Warrington and District League Guardian Cup after a 12-goal thriller with Penketh United.

Three Winwick players scored twice in a battle of the Division Two bottom enders that ended 7-5 to the hosts.

Osman Ahmed, Mark Barr and Morgan Spink bagged braces, while Kevin Vass also netted.

Meanwhile, Burtonwood Albion climbed to third in the Premier Division courtesy of an 11-2 destruction of lowly Beeches.

Joshua Dixon hit the mark five times, while further strikes came from Simon Cade, two, Connor Fogg, two, and Stephen Murphy, two.

Warrington and District Football League results:

Premier Division: Avon Athletic 3 Monk Sport 2, New Street 4 Parklands 5, Rainhill Town Y&D 2 Halewood Apollo 5.

Division One: Burtonwood Albion 11 Beeches 2, Farnworth Griffin 2 Earlestown Athletic JFC 3, Upton Athletic 2 The Village Club 4, Westgarth United 3 Sankey Vale 2.

Division Two: Matthiola 0 Eagle Junior 0, Newton Le Willows 1 Penlake 2, Oaklands 2 Smiths SD 4.

Reserve Division One: Halebank Reserves 7 Burtonwood Albion Reserves 3, Sankey Vale Reserves 2, Brookvale United JFC Beats 1, St Michael DH Reserves 2 New Street 3rd 3, Woolston Rovers Reserves 3 Avon Athletic Reserves 2.

Reserve Division Two: Cronton Villa Reserve 5 Orford 3rd1, Earlestown Athletic JFC Reserves 3 Bruche Athletic Reserves 3, St Michaels DH 3rd 1 Halton Borough Reserves 2, Sutton Junction 3rd 8 Woolston Rovers 3rd 2.

Guardian Cup: Bold Rangers 4 Rockware 3, Moorfield 3 Boilermakers Arms 3 (4-3 pens), Runcorn Albion 4 Earlestown 0, Sidac Sports & Social 1 Moore United 3, Tale 4 Widnes D&Y 2, Winwick Athletic 7 Penketh United 5.

Fixtures for Saturday:

Division One: Beeches v Rockware, Burtonwood Albion v Hatton Albion, Farnworth Griffin v New Street Y&D, Moorfield v Runcorn v Blackbrook, Westgarth United v Upton Athletic FC, Widnes D&Y v Winwick Athletic.

Division Two: Bold Rangers v Earlestown FC, Tale v Matthiola, Newton Le Willows v Oaklands FC, Penketh United v Boilermakers Arms FC, Smiths SD v Winwick Athletic, v Widnes.

Reserve Division One: Avon Athletic Reserves v Blackbrook Reserves, Brookvale United JFC Beats v Halebank Reserves, Burtonwood Albion Reserves v Rainhill Town Y&D Villa, Sankey Vale Reserves v, St Michael DH Reserves, Woolston Rovers Reserves v New Street 3rd.

Reserve Division Two: Bruche Athletic Reserves v Rainhill Town Y&D Celtic, Earlestown  Athletic JFC Reserves v Cronton Villa Reserve, Halton Borough Reserves v Woolston Rovers 3rd, Moorfield Reserves v St Michaels DH 3rd, Orford 3rd v Sutton Junction 3rd, The Village Club Reserves v Hurricanes.

Guardian Cup: Grappenhall Sports v Penlake, Royal Rangers v Eagle Juniors.

Warrington Sunday Football League results:

Premier Division: AFC Halton Sports 2 Runcorn Supporters 1, Bridge Boys 0 AFC Parklands 4, Bridgewater 2 Turf & Feather 1, West Bank 0 MHS 2.

Division One: AFC Rec 2 Brookvale 2, Brickmakers 5 Wolf Pack 0, Chapelford 0 Grappenhall Athletic 6, Dog & Partridge 5 Linnets Supporters 3, Sankey Rangers 6 AFC Sutton 3.