AFTER Ben Pomeroy became the 70th Australian to play for Warrington Wolves, we asked how many of the other 69 could you remember!

Now we can unveil the men who came from a land Down Under, the first having been Larry O'Malley in 1909.

Here they are in alphabetic order:

Warrington Guardian: Graham Appo, happy with a try

1.            Graham Appo

Warrington Guardian: Harry Bath

2.            Harry Bath

Warrington Guardian: Brian Bevan touches down for Warrington. There'll be more to come of Bevan in the coming weeks.

3.            Brian Bevan

4.            Owen Bevan

Warrington Guardian: Phil Blake touches down for Warrington at Wilderspool

5.            Phil Blake

Warrington Guardian: Les Boyd on the charge with Phil Blake in support

6.            Les Boyd

7.            Dave Brown

Warrington Guardian: Darren Burns gets over the try line

8.            Darren Burns

9.            Peter Connell

10.          Ray Corkery

11.          Les Davidson

12.          Adam Doyle

Warrington Guardian: Sid Domic charges into Salford for Warrington

13.          Sid Domic

14.          Don Duffy

15.          Andrew Duncan

16.          Michael Eagar

17.          Danny Farrar

18.          Leon Felton

19.          Gerry Fitzpatrick

20.          Dan Frawley

Warrington Guardian: Australia captain Bobby Fulton, left, with Wolves player-coach and captain Billy Benyon ahead of the 1978 tour game at Wilderspool. Picture by Eddie Whitham

21.          Bobby Fulton (left, picture by Eddie Whitham)

22.          Max Garbler

Warrington Guardian: Andrew Gee on a recent return visit to Warrington

23.          Andrew Gee

24.          Steve Georgallis

Warrington Guardian: Kurt Gidley set to make his senior Wolves debut. Picture: Mike Boden

25.          Kurt Gidley

26.          Simon Gillies

27.          John Grant

Warrington Guardian: Brent Grose

28.          Brent Grose

29.          Dean Hanger

30.          Nelson Hardy

Warrington Guardian: Chris Hicks crossed for two tries

31.          Chris Hicks

Warrington Guardian: Brett Hodgson will miss the clash with Swinton

32.          Brett Hodgson

33.          Len Horton

Warrington Guardian: Bob Jackson

34.          Bob Jackson

35.          Mark Jackson

Warrington Guardian: Andrew Johns

36.          Andrew Johns

37.          Brian Johnson

38.          Dave King

Warrington Guardian: Matt King on his Wolves debut

39.          Matt King

Warrington Guardian: Allan Langer's first home try for Warrington in the year 2000

40.          Allan Langer

Warrington Guardian: Chris Leikvoll takes the ball forward at Salford

41.          Chris Leikvoll

Warrington Guardian: Greg Mackey attempts to escape the clutchhes of Shaun Edwards

42.          Greg Mackey

43.          Alan Maddalena

44.          Gil MacDougall

45.          Bruce McGuire

46.          Paul Marquet

Warrington Guardian: Joel Monaghan touches down his debut Super League try for Warrington Wolves against Huddersfield Giants at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Pictures by Mike Boden

47.          Joel Monaghan

Warrington Guardian: Michael Monaghan on his debut

48.          Michael Monaghan

49.          Danny Nutley

50.          Larry O’Malley

51.          Chris O’Sullivan

52.          Mike Pechey

Warrington Guardian:

53.          Ben Pomeroy

54.          Steve Roach

55.          Ian Robson

56.          Matt Rodwell

Warrington Guardian: Chris Sandow, pictured scoring a try, has explained his decision to walk out on Warrington

57.          Chris Sandow

58.          Bill Shankland

Warrington Guardian: Warrington prop Ashton Sims charged with standing on opponent by RFL

59.          Ashton Sims

60.          Michael Sullivan

61.          Jim Stuntz

62.          Paul Taylor

63.          Craig Teitzel

64.          Kevin Walters

Warrington Guardian: Trent Waterhouse offloads

65.          Trent Waterhouse

66.          Kris Watson

67.          Scott Wilson

Warrington Guardian: Nathan Wood celebrates scoring the first ever try at The Halliwell Jones Stadium against Wakefield Trinity Wildcats in February, 2004

68.          Nathan Wood

Warrington Guardian: Dave Wright charging forward for Warrington in the 1974 Challenge Cup Final defeat of Featherstone Rovers at Wembley

69.          Dave Wright

70.          Paul Younane

List compiled by Gary Slater