MATTY Russell, Chris Hill and Michael Monaghan were the stand out players in Wolves’ rout of St Helens, according to boss Tony Smith.

Warrington’s head of coaching and rugby said there were many top performances, but labelled those three ‘outstanding’.

“There were three stand outs for me,” he said. “I’m not going to separate them too much, but I thought Matty Russell was sensational.

“Carrying the ball and some of the damage he did with his dummy half runs and to get the ball out of the in-goal area was great thinking as well as skill.

“I thought he troubled them a lot when he carried the ball.

“Chris Hill was enormous. I had to give him a rest after about 15 minutes in the second half as he hadn’t come off. Against a big side like that that takes some doing, I thought he was enormous for us.

“Monas with his smarts. Monas was just picking his moments, pulling the strings and running the show until he got that injury where I had to take him off. I thought his brain on the field was terrific for us.

“There are many others good performances, I don’t like to separate one, but there were three outstanding performances.”