THE new Saturday Mersey Sweepstake, organised and run by Ray Bowden, will be fished every week by the Kingsway North Allotments.

The inaugural match winner was Jim Gannon, who included a superb bream of 7-12-0 in his 12-4-0 catch.

Runner-up was match organiser Ray with 7-1-8. With feed going in regularly on both Saturday and Sunday, it will certainly attract fish to these areas and can only improve. Lee Clarke won the First Association Contest fished on the Mersey with a cracking net of bream and skimmers for 13-15-0, caught on groundbait feeder and maggot.

In second spot was Neil Davies, who snared two bonus bream fishing the same method for 11-5-0. The river was low and clear, so not too bad a result despite the not exactly ideal conditions.

Morgan Adawee won the Holston Cup junior contest, fished annually on Ackers Pit, with 4-6-0 of roach despite losing a carp.

Unfortunately small fish dominated our Disabled and Over 60s match on the same river, but there was a real gem when Bud Lee caught a grayling of 8 to 10” in length.

According to match organiser John Dagnall, the capture made up for the lack of bites. For the record, aside from the lady of the river only small perch were caught with Trev Bainbridge the winner with 2-10-6 followed by Graham Belton 2-8-0.

Well, not quite the full story as it was rumoured Geoff Brooks fished paternoster and lugworm to catch a small dab!

Jim Griffiths and his dad Steve negotiated the rutted track at Worthenbury on the opening of the coarse fishing season on the 16th to find the River Dee conditions absolutely perfect.

Jim had 13 grayling to 1.5lbs plus four trout and a dace, while Steve managed three chub and would have had more if he was not engrossed watching the barbell spawning.

There is a working party on Grey Mist Mere on Saturday all welcome. Meet car park 8.30am.

Members fishing Friday night must leave the working area on the left hand side of the fishery by 8am.

Submit catch reports on 01928 716238 or HQ 52, Parker Street open between 7 and 9pm Friday.

Results: Mersey Saturday Sweepstake: 1, Jim Gannon 12-4-0; 2, Ray Bowden 7-1-8; 3, Paul Harding 5-2-8. First Association Contest (Mersey): 1, Lee Clarke 13-15-0; 2, Neil Davies 11-5-0; 3, Paul Harding 8-15-0; 4, Dave Brooke 6-10-11. Woodshaw Junior Series: 1, Dylan Anglesea/ Lewis Turner 12-0-0; 3, Dane Rawlinson 7-5-0; 4, Jake Parkinson 5-15-0. Disabled and Over 60s: 1, Trev Bainbridge 2-10-6; 2, Graham Belton 2-8-0; 3, John Dagnall 1-13-6; 4, Keith Wernham 1-10-6. Howliston Cup (Ackers Pit): 1, Morgan Adawee 4-6-0; 2, Andrew Carman 3-8-0; 3, David Smith 2-14-0. Inters/Junior Summer Series Phoenix Park Lake: 1, David Smith 6-6-12; 2, Lloyd Wightman 6-4-4; 3, Morgan Adawee 3-15-8. Minnows: 1, Charlie Forster 1-3-14; 2, Jake Braid 1-1-2; 3, Harvey Ryan 0-15-4.

Forthcoming events: Saturday: Mersey Sweep, draw 9am on bank, Kingsway North Allotments, contact Ray 07790317714.

Sunday: Mersey Series, draw 9am, Mersey Walk, fish 42 up.

Monday: Disabled and Over 60s, River Mersey, draw 10am on bank at peg 74. Contact John Dagnall 01925 635486. Woodshaw Reservoir Junior Series, draw 5.30pm, car park.

Tuesday: Inters/Juniors/Minnows, draw 6pm, Dunham Fisheries. Contact Helen Dagnall 01925 635486.