WOLVES boss Tony Smith is calling for consistency from the game’s disciplinary chiefs.

Ben Westwood misses Leeds Rhinos’ visit tomorrow, Friday, after being handed a three-match suspension for a dangerous throw on Wakefield player Scott Anderson at the weekend.

But Smith feels the review system is inconsistent after witnessing a tackle from Saints’ James Roby on Michael Monaghan go unpunished a week earlier.

“I’m not saying Bennie was in the right, but one ended a back slam and one a pile driver so I know which one I think is more serious,” he said.

“The review panel the week before chose not to put a certain tackle forward. I certainly know which one I’d rather have been on the receiving end of.

“It’s consistency we’re all after. We had a boy tipped onto his head and pile-driven into the ground and nothing happened in that tackle.”

Smith highlighted his point at Wolves’ press conference in a video he had prepared of the tackles side-by-side.

“I’m not wanting to get him banned (Roby) and I’m not suggesting Bennie shouldn’t have been dealt with. I’m not arguing that lifting tackles shouldn’t be dealt with,” added Smith.

“They should be dealt with some form of consistency and I think that’s why there is a lot of dismay about the system we currently have, or lack of system we have.”

Wolves will be without another experienced back rower in Trent Waterhouse, set to miss three months after tearing the medial ligament in his knee.

However, Smith could put faith in Ben Currie after the 19-year-old scored two tries and set two up against Wakefield on Sunday.

“It’s not ideal, you don’t want those experienced players out through injury nor suspensions,” he added.

“We have some good young talent that have been playing well. It’s likely Currie will get a chance to step into Bennie’s big shoes. He was on fire last week so hopefully he can carry that through.

“Anybody who works with Ben knows he’s capable of doing that, but it’s another thing for young people to come out and deliver it.

“James Laithwaite has been consistent for us so far this year, so hopefully those two young guys are gaining a lot from the experience of stepping into the shoes of the more experienced players.”