A 13-YEAR-OLD swept aside some of the best darts players in the town to win the Warrington Individual Merit.

Marc Williams from Thelwall Lane in Latchford became the first junior to win the event – in the Penketh High School pupil’s first season and in his debut individual competition.

Keith Forsyth, who runs the Warrington Darts League, said: “It’s incredible because he’s not only come and blown everyone away by winning the competition at the age of 13, but he’s beat some very experienced players who have won it all.”

Marc, who plays for the Black Horse team, collected £150 for winning the round-the-board competition contested by 101 players over four weeks.

He takes his sport seriously.

Robbie Wright, Marc’s stepfather, said: “Other kids will come in from school and go on the Xbox but we never see Marc. He comes in and goes straight into the garage throwing darts.”

Marc is following in the footsteps of a family member who won several competitions in Warrington.

Robbie added: “Marc’s granddad, Pete Williams, was a great darts player. Now Marc wants to go for all the trophies that have his granddad’s name on and add his own to them.”

As well as being destined for great heights in darts, Marc has also been a national pool finalist and recently won the Warrington Pool World Rules competition where he also beat top adult competition.

Robbie said: “He’s really talented at both pool and darts. I can’t tell which he is better at.

“I think he can go all the way in either but at the minute he’s just really enjoying playing so I’m happy with that.”