WARRINGTON’S regular racing drivers Paul Platt, Richard Roundell, and Mike Nash turned out in gorgeous springtime weather for the first race of the season at Oulton Park.

Paul Platt from Burtonwood, a triple national champion in his 250cc PVP/Redspeed Honda Superkart, started the weekend in fine form qualifying in pole position for the first race which he subsequently won in a dominating style, leading from start to finish.

For the second race, starting again from pole position, he lost the lead into the first corner but quickly regained the lead and easily pulled away from the other drivers, demonstrating why he was a three-time national champion and finishing the race in his customary first place.

Mike Nash from Stretton was using his 1600cc Peugeot 106 Rallye for the car’s first full season.

Mike with this car gained the class lap record last year and in a good start to the season, he qualified first in his class for the main race of the day.

A slow start saw him lose a few places into the first corner but he quickly pulled those back and then battled to keep his class lead to the finish line, gaining another class fastest lap.

Mike was delighted with the car’s performance and was already looking forward to the next race.

Richard Roundell from Warrington was in his 2.5 litre Vauxhall Vectra but suffered problems during qualifying with a mysterious misfire and he pulled off after only one lap.

After making some adjustments to the car and starting the race from virtually at the back of a packed grid, he found it was still down on power and the car was well off the pace of the others and finished well down the order sheet.