Fleetwood u19 22 Warrington u19 47

WARRINGTON blasted out of the blocks to secure a place in the Lancashire Cup final.

Warrington put together a very entertaining and exciting first half display for the spectators this afternoon after collecting the Raging Bull A League Trophy on Friday night.

Five tries from Joe Wilson, two, Pete Edwards, Cam Lewis and Max Caldwell showed the supporters what this team can do when they concentrate and are accurate in their play.

Fleetwood stuck at it and bagged a pen and a try to turn around 8-35 down.

The Fleetwood lads helped themselves to a couple of scores which were just rewards for some decent passages of play.

With numerous player rotations Wire finally managed to gain enough momentum to launch Lewis to cross for his second score of the day.

As the clock wound down, Kent Derayo bashed a hole in the home defence and looked like he was heading for a score only to be tackled short but deftly offloaded for the supporting John Morris who scampered over the line for try number seven.