ACKERS Pit regular Andy Hobson just can’t get enough of the place despite the crystal clear water conditions making it difficult to catch at present.

He tried his luck on Saturday, sitting for hours with a motionless float before deciding to try a different peg.

Bingo! He had five carp in an hour fishing a small waggler and double red maggot.

On a return visit to the same peg two days later, using an identical method and a half pint of red maggots, he had 16 carp between 3½ and 6lbs.

Neil Plunkett decided to give Rixton Claypits a visit on Tuesday and despite having to go through an assault course to get to his peg by first removing a fallen tree and other broken branches spread along a boggy path – the latter understandable after the wettest year since records began – he deservedly had a productive morning.

Using a method feeder packed with micro-pellets and double corn on the hook, he ended his session in time for lunch having caught 12 bream between 2lbs and 5lbs, plus a tench of about 3½lbs.

The first round of the Cheshire Spring League, fished on the Bridgewater Canal at Brookfield Bridge, was a feast or famine affair with section one boasting a top weight of 8½ozs taken by George Barber.

Section two provided stark contrast with winner Bob Campbell bagging 16lbs 4ozs 4drs with an all-roach catch on bread punch.

After the first round, he tops the standings. Campbell then continued his success with a win the Nantwich Winter League the following day.

Our Sunday Mersey match saw Albert Morris double up on last week’s two bites, giving him 7-3-8 to interrupt Roy Everson’s run.

He is tied with Ray Bowden on seven wins with two rounds left.

Keep sending catch reports to 01928 716238 or email HQ 52 at Parker Street is open as usual between 7 and 9pm on Friday for subscriptions, new memberships or night permits.



Results: Cheshire Spring League: Section 1: 1, George Barber 0-8-8; 2, Paul Bibby 0-4-11; 3, Jeff Stoll 0-4-6. Section 2: 1, Bob Campbell (peg 880) 16-4-4; 2, Phil Cross (876) 10-0-4; 3, Martin Griffiths (874) 4-9-10. Mersey Series: 1, Albert Morris 7-3-8; 2, Roy Everson 5-0-12; 3, Ray Bowden 4-5-2. Disabled and over 60s: 1, Alan Brown 5-13-0; 2, Graham Belton 4-13-4; 3, George Barber 4-6-4.

Forthcoming events, Saturday: Cheshire Spring League Round Two, Macclesfield Canal, Scholar Green, draw at 9am at McDonalds in Congleton (fish from 10.30am). Call Cheshire Angling for further details. Sunday: Mersey Series, draw at 9am on Mersey Walk. Monday: Disabled and over 60s, draw at 10am on Gun Club car park. Call John Dagnall on 635486.