GETTING his international skates on ahead of the inaugural men’s Roller Derby World Cup, one Warrington man is ready to wheel into competition with the sport’s finest.

Karl Case, of Earl Street, will represent All Ireland Men’s Roller Derby in the tournament, which takes place between March 14 and 16 in Birmingham.

The 30-year-old, who qualifies for All Ireland as his grandfather was born in Dublin, has been skating since the age of seven but is a relative newcomer to the roller derby scene.

“I have been skating since I was young,” he said.

“So I had the balance and was used to getting out of awkward positions as I also played rugby for Crosfields and Woolston Rovers.

“I’ve been skating as a player for just over a year now. With Ireland it was a case of finding out about the trials – they were happy for me to come over.

“But this is the very first men’s world cup, so obviously everyone from across the world is dying to play in it.”

Case bouts for Manchester Roller Derby’s New Wheeled Order, who are currently ranked inside the world’s top 20 and the international tournament could pit him against his clubmates.

“We’ve got France, Germany and Australia in our group,” he explained.”

“Two of my teammates play for England but we’ll have to make it through to meet them.

“England are ranked second in the world, behind America, so it’s pretty likely they’ll go through in the main competition.

“France are number four so I’m looking forward to meeting them. There are 15 teams involved after New Zealand dropped out.”

Case, who skates at Lt. Damn, will be counting on the support of wife Karina at the world cup, something he does not take for granted when competing.

“We have a team where we can end up on opposite sides in scrimmages,” he added. “I think she tries to hit me extra hard if I haven’t done the dishes!”