LYMM Angling Club has enjoyed its best junior year to date with almost 50 youngsters taking part throughout 2013.

Sport England measure participation by adding how many people took part in each event together, Lymm had 153 with 48 young people taking part in one or more sessions.

Lymm have a good reputation within governing bodies such as the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency and have been very active with social media, including a video produced by a 13-year-old using an award from O2 Think Big projects.

Lymm juniors competed in a national competition for the first time finishing fourth. They also finished second in the Merseyside Championships held at Chester Lakes.

Heading into 2014 they have 10 youngsters they feel are at a stage comfortable for fishing major matches and are hoping to add more events to the calendar to build the squad of youngsters.

Lymm’s other main focus is the Academy, taking the decision to charge £30 for the Academy sessions which were previously free meant only one person did not complete the course last year.

Included in the £30 fee is yearly membership, which has brought new blood into the club and seen them on other waters as well as filling in catch returns.

Lymm offer drop-in sessions and run the Academy twice a year – spring and autumn – for two classes of six.