MAGNIFICENT black belt grade rises have capped a Scott-tastic year at the North West Karate Academy.

Steve Scott and his sons Luke and Zach, who all live in Birchwood, have been at the heart of it.

Luke, aged 25, is now celebrating 20 years in karate after achieving his fourth dan black belt at an extensive grading session that was open for all adults to view.

It consisted of competitive sport kumite (fighting), Jiyu kumite (no holds barred fighting) and competitive Ne waza (ground fighting).

Extensive drills involved throws, joint locks, chokes and strangulations and there were percussive impact drills on heavy bags, focus pads and strike shields.

Advanced katas (patterned moves) were all demonstrated too, with brother and fellow instructor Zach assisting as his partner in the grading.

Zach, aged 19, is also enjoying success, having been awarded his senior instructor award.

He also retained the British open heavyweight kumite championship title in 2012.

Thirty-seven years in the sport, dad and chief instructor Steve, aged 52, received his seventh dan endorsed by the English Karate Federation.

Ten of the club’s students achieved black belt status this year, including Culcheth 14-year-olds Rebecca Duff and Megan Kirkham.

They achieved their children’s dan second level, involving sport karate and basic self defence.

They will continue to train towards their adult first dan at the age of 16.

NWKA, which started in 1984 in Culcheth, now have clubs throughout the region.

Call Steve Scott on 827376 for further details.