A JUNIOR team seeking to strengthen their squad have exciting plans for a tour to New Zealand.

Crosfields under 11s rugby league team have set their sights on playing the sport Down Under when they compete at the under 13s age group.

Martin Pitt’s side have some inspiration for the plans in that one of their players is the son of former Warrington Wolves player Toa Kohe-Love, who hails from New Zealand.

Assistant coach Ian Lomax said: “As well as trying to attract some more quality players to the club, we have a dream when we become the club’s touring side at under 13s level.

“The dream is to be the first team from Crosfields to take these lads to play rugby in Toa’s homeland, New Zealand.

“So this is not a short term plea for players. This is the start of a plan to fulfil a dream we all share at the club.

“We know this is a huge challenge and will take a lot of fundraising. However, we believe the children deserve the best and are well worth the time and effort so we are thinking big.

“It would be nice to think other parents with kids reading this will want to join us on the journey as well.”

The core of the team have been together since under sevens level.

Lomax added: “We have over those seasons only lost a handful of games and have a really talented bunch of children who we hope may progress to play a good standard of rugby league in the future.

“Toa Kohe-Love’s son, Joe, plays for the team and we do see a lot of Toa himself. He is always happy to share advice and wisdom with Martin and I for the good of the team’s progression.”

For more details about joining the team and the commencement of pre-season training in 2013, contact Martin Pitt on 07961 087875.