WHITTLE Hall councillors are hoping to start a consultation with Portland Road residents after a row over parking.

Homeowners have complained to Clrs Will Hughes and Faisal Rashid as many car owners have been parking on the road rather than designated spaces at the back of their homes causing the stretch to be blocked up.

But homeowners cannot decided the best way to deal with the problem as some call for a one way system while others have said they would prefer to see double yellow lines on Portland Road.

One resident said: “All the houses have a double space at the back of their house and yet residents of every single house parks at least one car on the road.

“It’s pure laziness.”

Clr Will Hughes said they were looking at a number of options to solve the problem.

He added: “We have asked the relevant council officer to look at drawing up a consultation with residents of Portland Road and all the roads that come off it including Rockford Gardens regarding implementing a one way system.

“This is something that a number of local residents we have spoken to have been in favour of, however we aware that it will not find favour with everyone and that there will be issues arising from this.

“We want to gather the views of as many people as possible.”