THE police have released copies of letters written from Vicky Wynne Jones to Michael Roberts during their relationship.

He killed her in November, six months after the pair married.

The letters were released following the trial where Roberts, aged 26, was convicted of her murder.

He was jailed for 17 years on Tuesday.

"I just want you to be honest with me.

I have no intention of making things difficult between us. I don’t want to argue.

I just want you, But I cannot continue to share you with her in the way.

I want you to cut all ties with you, I need you to know that I believe you when you say the you haven’t slept with her, but I would prefer you to be able to speak to me openly.

I can understand if you think that you need to talk to her, if you think that what you are doing it ok.

But Mike, you have to understand that it isn’t just the lies that is causing our problems but that the money that you waste sneaking round to see her and taking her out.

Has she ever done the same for you?

I cannot say that I know what she thinks by my thought is that she is leaving you to do all the chasing while she gets what she wants.

I think it is more unfair that you seem to use your credit card for all your sneaking round and yet it is me that pays the bill.

Mike, I love you, so much that I don’t think you truly know just how much.

I know that all the sneaking round is hurting you as well, that your OCD is still kicking off worse and I want to be there for you all the way.

I love you, and I want to make our marriage work, I just hope that this last week has shown you that.

Since reading those emails between you and Jade, things have got worse.

You seem to be hiding yourself even more from me.

If I go near your phone, you react as if I have done something wrong, you are constantly texting everyone else and yet admit to deleting every message.

Mike, I have never read your phone messages and never would. But it hurts that you do not trust me when you have access to and have even read my texts without a second thought.

I hide nothing from you and feel like I don’t know you.

Firstly, believe me when I say you mean everything to me, and although we have had some obstacles, we have always worked through them together and I can honestly say I love you more than ever because of this.

“I can’t wait for June 21, 09 and our lives together.

Lately and as you said this morning, you have hidden lots and lied to those around you and I find this quite alarming.

I have been with you when you have lied to your mum for no reason and it scares me how easy you found doing this."