"The apprenticeship programme has benefited the NHS Foundation Trust overall by helping us to support so many learners in improving their skills, knowledge and confidence as they carry out their roles; thereby encouraging others to develop themselves and share the positive effect on the patient care we offer.

"Being able to obtain funding from the Government to support the cost of training has meant that the NVQ team has been able to support even more staff to undertake the apprenticeship programme and offer additional training and development opportunities to many staff. The benefits and advantages of working with Warrington Collegiate are considerable.

"The relationship with the two assessors, Lynn Wibberley and Michelle Muldoon, is excellent and has proved invaluable to the learners in terms of the one-to-one support they provide to all learners.

"We work extremely closely together to ensure that the service offered is first class and, historically, my contacts at the college have always proved pro-active and supportive."