Efficient business administration and customer service are at the heart of all successful organisations, helping to create brand loyalty and repeat business in an era where customer choice has never been greater.

Apprenticeships in business administration and customer service have been designed to allow employers to create training programmes tailored to their own operational needs and mapped to nationally recognised occupational standards.

With a qualification structure that is flexible to meet company needs and largely delivered in-house, these apprenticeships are ideally suited to a wide range of business requirements.

Administration apprentices are grouped under a wide range of titles, including executive assistants, secretaries, admin-istration assistants, office managers and personal assistants. The advantage for employers is that this apprenticeship structure covers a huge range of operational roles and provides progression into super-vision and management opportunities.

Customer service apprentices provide outward-facing relationship management and require a wide range of skills and expertise which the apprenticeship programme develops. While duties will vary between organisations, the added value of the apprenticeship is found in the fact that apprentices do move on to become team leaders and managers within their organisations.

Warrington Collegiate provides business administration and customer service apprenticeships across many business sectors and provides all the free help you need to get started, including advice on recruitment and selection and the availability of government funding for your apprenticeship programme.

If you want to find out more and take advantage of Warrington Collegiate’s expertise in delivering apprenticeships in business administration and customer service, call Warrington Collegiate’s employer advice line on 0845 849 0020.