AN impending general election is always an uncertain time for investors.

Risk can be your enemy unless you are prepared to gamble and therefore lose.

That is why many firms hold-off from making key decisions until the outcomes are clear.

On this occasion there are several things which are helping firms however; the fact that from announcement to event is short, that there is one dominant area of discussion for the parties (Brexit management) and that the opinion polls put the current government way ahead of the opposition.

It is rare that these factors are so favourable in helping firms with key decisions.

However the spectre of Brexit still looms large over long term decisions and at least getting the election out of the way, while not removing the issue, will at least give the Government an opportunity to clarify their thinking.

As an industrial town serving major international markets Warrington needs firms to be clear about the future, even if it’s tough.

From an international investment basis while it may make less sense to Europe, depending, it may make more sense to other nations.

Mandarin lessons anyone?

LAWRENCE Bellamy is deputy provost at the University of Chester’s Padgate campus and writes a regular column for our business pages