A FRIENDLY dog cruelly neglected by his former owners has found a happy home after he was adopted by an animal lover.

Dexter was seized by the RSPCA after Karen Carberry and John Greenwood left him trapped without food and water for a week while they went on holiday to Turkey.

They said the two-year-old Bichone Frises was badly behaved and could not be allowed in the house, but new owner Beverley Sansom said the claims were 'piffle'.

Beverley, aged 50, of Greenway, Great Sankey, said: "When I brought him home he was very nervous because he wasn't house trained, but he is so responsive.

"The things about him in the court case having behaviour problems is piffle.

"There was absolutely no reason for him to be treated that way.

"He's been so easy to train.

"Now he shakes paws, stands up and spins around.

"He just wants to learn new things.

"He's such a sweetheart, such a gentle dog and everybody loves him."

Carberry, aged 28 and Greenwood, aged 37, had abandoned Dexter at their home in Snowberry Crescent, Sankey Bridges.

When found by RSPCA inspectors he was extremely dehydrated, covered in urine and faeces with chronically matted fur.

The couple, who have since split up, were banned from keeping pets for three years.

Dexter - now renamed Chester - is recovering well with Beverley.

The professional dog groomer adopted him after going to the RSPCA branch in Slutchers Lane to volunteer her services.

Beverley said: "I was in the office and looked around and right opposite was Chester.

"I thought he was rather cute.

"I walked over to him and he did look rather a mess.

"My daughter was with me and said 'you are not going to get another dog' but after we left I could not stop thinking about him because he's such a gorgeous little dog so we went back.

"He was a bit timid and a bit scared but I just wanted to take him home."

That was two months ago and Chester is now healthy and happy.

Beverley, who formerly worked in banking before redundancy, is making him her mascot for new business Spoodles.

It is a dog grooming centre she is basing at the back of her house in Great Sankey, with an opening due next week.

"Chester is going to be in the shop to welcome everybody - considering what he is been through he is so friendly and loves everybody."

To book call Beverley on 791626.