A VICTIM of poppy thief Bradley Higham’s crimes says a visit to one of the hospices he stole money from should be part of his punishment.

Darren Sudlow was a victim during Higham’s spree of robberies in November.

He owns the Plaice Station chip shop on Station Road South, Padgate, where the serial thief struck on November 7.

A St Rocco’s Hospice box containing £100 was stolen.

Mr Sudlow’s father David was a patient at the hospice at the time.

He has since died after losing his battle with cancer. Mr Sudlow was at his father’s funeral on Monday when he heard of Higham’s sentence.

“It’s disgusting really,” he said.

“I thought you are supposed to get longer if you do something again.

“I was burying my father when I heard.

“It’s not long enough. There’s no deterrent there for him not to do it again.

“He’ll certainly come out and do the same thing.

“It is salt in the wounds on the day I was burying my father.

“It has hit a bit of a nerve really, he’s taking from the people of Warrington and he needs to be punished.

“He needs to take a walk around St Rocco’s and see the people dying in there.

“That might change his attitude.”

Julie Dove, co-ordinator of the poppy appeal in Cheshire, said: “It’s very disheartening for them to see cases like this where tins have been taken during Remembrance time.

“This loss of much needed funds will deprive those in the serving and ex-service community, and their families, of much needed assistance.”