AS Warrington Wolves prepare for the Carnegie Challenge Cup final at Wembley, the Guardian was on hand to pamper their wives and girlfriends and help them find the perfect outfits for the occasion.

The six wags were offered a stylish makeover and £100 each by Debenhams at Golden Square to spend on dresses, shoes, bags and accessories.

On board for the treats were Clare Richards, captain Adrian Morley’s partner of seven years, Vicky Hall, girlfriend of Lee Briers, Shelley Wood, married to Paul, Kate Higham, married to Mickey, Aimee Podmore, who is Kevin Penny’s fiancee, and Cara Lepts, who goes out with Jon Clarke.

Clare, aged 32 and mum to Leo and Maya, aged three and seven months, said: “It’s been all about the team these past few weeks so it’s nice for us girls to get the chance to be looked after.

“I’ve not seen much of Adrian because he’s been training and has lots of meetings so seeing the girls is always fun.”

The girls were given makeup tips for Saturday’s London final at Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins, Urban Decay and Lancome before they spent time with personal shopper Lorna Roach.

Lorna took each of them through a questionnaire to find out their tastes and vital statistics before letting the girls loose on the shop floor.

While rifling for a fitted frock 27-year-old Shelley, who has a two-year-old son George, said: “Paul was injured last year and couldn’t play, which was sad. That’s why this year will be extra special. George is so excited and he keeps singing all the rugby songs.”

Chatting about Wembley, Vicky, aged 32, whose two children are Sophie and Reece, aged 12 and seven, said: “I’m so excited, I never expected they would make it a second year on the run.

“I’m even more nervous than I was last year.”

Kate, aged 31, was pregnant during last year’s final, her due date even coinciding with the match itself. Since then she has become mum to Alex, aged one, and has another son Harry, aged five.

She said: “Wembley last year was amazing and I can’t wait to go again and see Mickey play. This year I want a dress that’s extra pretty for celebrations.”

Clare, also pregnant during last year’s final, added: “It’s such a fun event. We all take the children and they love it. I want to make the most of it this year having been expecting last year and get really glammed up!”

Twenty-nine-year-old Cara, whose little boy Levi is aged seven, said: “I can’t wait it’s going to be really good and I’m happy to have a dress for the occasion.”

Aimee, aged 22 and mum to Jaden, aged 16 months, added: “The boys are definitely going to win without a doubt.”