THE brakes were put on a traffic warden doing his job when a mystery prankster clamped his moped in Latchford.

The warden had parked up on Knutsford Road last Thursday lunchtime and went to inspect the nearby roads for illegal parkers.

But when he returned he found a large metal chain covered in red locked around the front wheel.

Nearby shop workers and passers by claimed not to have seen the unknown clamper in action.

The traffic warden then sought help from an engineering suppliers across the road.

Andy Standring, director of CTE Supplies, said: "I lent him a hacksaw from my shop so he could try and cut the padlock off, but being an engineer I knew he had no chance of cutting the lock off."

Finally the shop found a pair of steel cutters that eventually released the chain.

"I know he is only trying to do his job, but he had definitely been there for more than half an hour. He is due a ticket," Mr Standring joked.

A council spokesman said that they are putting the stunt down to a one-off practical joke.