GENEROUS donations have been rolling in to help an elderly man who was targeted by conmen for the second time.

Friends Sheila Teasdale and Carol Kilgannon joined forces after hearing the heartbreaking story of an unsuspecting pensioner who was tricked into handing over £350 of his savings to two workmen.

“When I hear stories like this I just start crying,” said Sheila, 68.

“This man was absolutely devastated that it has happened for a second time.

“He’s a vulnerable man and it shouldn’t happen.

“We just wanted to do what we can to help.”

The pensioner was left £350 out of pocket after two workmen approached him to carry out some work on his property on Withers Avenue in Orford on September 2.

“These men knocked on his door and told him his neighbour had sent them round to knock down his greenhouse,” she said.

“He was very confused.

“He gave them the money and then they disappeared and have not been seen since.”

But this is not the first time the elderly man has fallen victim to this type of crime as he has been previously conned out of £2,000.

Shocked by the story, Sheila and Carol posted an appeal on social media and started a collection with around £445 raised so far.

The friends hope this small act of kindness will help restore his faith in humanity as he comes to terms with what has happened.

Sheila, from Fearnhead, added: “I didn’t expect such an enormous response – it’s been absolutely amazing.

“I decided to spend an hour in Sainsbury’s collecting money and posted where I would be on Facebook.

“One woman came in to hand over £10 but she also donated £10 from her 97-year-old father – how amazing is that.

“Her brother also donated £10.”

To donate email Carol on