A BUDDING young pilot is trying to ‘break down the barriers’ that prevent children who are not from a privileged background from following their dreams.

Jordon Owen, who is taking his A-level exams at Priestley College, has dreamed of a career in the air force since he was a child but faces a struggle to raise enough money to pay for his pilot’s licence.

The 18-year-old, from Appleton, is crowdfunding for the £13,000 he needs to train.

Jordon said: “I have always had a bit of a passion for aviation. When I was just two or three years old my mum would take me to Manchester Airport to watch the planes.

“My dream is to be a fast-jet pilot with the RAF but I would absolutely love to be a commercial airline pilot too.

“I don’t want to go to university and have all that debt for something that wouldn’t help me reach my goal, but pilot training is very expensive and you don’t get a student loan.”

Jordon, who joined the 1330 Warrington Squadron Air Cadets in 2013, has saved up for a gliding course this summer by working at Nando’s and recently took his first solo flight in a glider. He said: “I wasn’t nervous, it was really cool. I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to do it.

“Before I joined the cadets my confidence was a lot lower but now it is much better, I don’t mind speaking in front of groups of people.”

He is looking forward to a trip to Canada with the RAF in the summer to teach cadets and to experience his first flight in a helicopter.

The former Bridgewater High School student is working to build his experience but said the cost of training remains a huge barrier for anyone who dreams of a career in the skies.

“If I had parents who could fund it I wouldn’t be complaining,” he said.

“But I feel really strongly that the opportunity to pursue what you love should be open to everyone, no matter what background you’re from. I work with young cadets and so many want to become pilots but it’s like saying you want to be a footballer. Not many people get the chance.

“I’d like to break barriers and be an inspiration so other young people know they can do it.

“I want to show people it doesn’t matter where you live or where you came from, you can do any career you really want.”

To donate visit Jordon's fundraising page here.